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My Morning around Birmingham: A Recap of All the Exciting Places My Journalism Professor Took Our Class

As I woke up at 7:30 am last Friday, I had no idea on the journey that I was about to embark on. After going on this adventure, I now have a far greater appreciation for the amazing city that I currently live in.

I approached the Birmingham-Southern College Security Shack at around 8:30 am to meet my professor to ride the Birmingham City Bus with my Journalism class. I chatted with my professor and a few of the other early birds that were already waiting, while we waited for my missing classmates to arrive.

We boarded the bus without a few of my classmates and embarked on our adventure to the heart of Downtown Birmingham, AL. I thoroughly enjoyed the bus ride there. It was interesting to me just the class disparity that existed on that bus ride. That was a sad sight to see and I think that that is something that needs to be addressed. I would have never done this life experience, had it not been for my professor.

After we got off the bus, we stopped and got a little history about the city of Birmingham. The bus let us off in front of the Carver Theatre. The Carver Theatre is now the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame. My professor gave us an architecture lesson and proceeded to explain to us that most of the buildings in downtown have two different styles on them and this causes them to be appeared to be “Two-Faced.”

We then walked over to the Lyric Theatre and got a complete behind the scenes tour of the venue. As I walked inside, I felt as though I had gone back to a time in the past where men wore suits in the humid Alabama summer and Women wore Kentucky Derby hats on a daily basis. I could tell that the people who funded the restoration spent a fortune doing so and I thought that it was worth every penny. I cannot wait to take my parents to an event in this amazing venue.

Our next stop was to yet another amazing local to Birmingham, AL coffee shop called Relevator Coffee Company. I was really impressed by what I saw. I was expecting to be ripped off by the prices. Surprisingly, I was not. I thought that everything was very reasonable and fair. While I did not purchase anything to drink, I was starving and wanted some food. I went with a Chocolate Chip Cookie and I was surprised with what I tasted. It did not taste like cardboard like a typical Starbucks cookie. Instead, it tasted like it was made from scratch and homemade. I will defiantly make this a place I bring my parents in the future.

Another stop that we made was to We Sell Doughnuts. I had never heard of this place until one of my classmates went absolutely nuts when she learned we were not far from the shop. I really wasn’t sure what to expect in regards to the food. I bought the buttermilk old-fashioned doughnut and I thought that it was the best doughnut that I have ever eaten. I was not expecting the pastry to melt in my mouth as it did. I will be making this one of my regular stops anytime I’m in downtown. I was thoroughly impressed with the whole concept of the business. I will become a lifelong customer after that fateful trip last week.

The last stop that we made was at El Barrio. This was an excellent Mexican restaurant. I had the guacamole and it was delicious. It tasted homemade. Their guacamole will now forever be the standard that I use to compare others’ dip to. I also went with my professor’s recommendation to be adventurous and got their meatloaf. I would have never thought in a million years to get that dish at a Mexican restaurant. It was amazing and I will absolutely make it a point to do this at any Mexican restaurant that has it on the menu from now on.

After our meal, we took the bus back to campus and went our separate ways for the weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed this adventure. This experience made me want to do this again on my own time. I’m also motivated to do this on the public transportation back home. I would recommend this adventure to anyone and I plan to do it again soon when I have some free time.


The Big Read Comes To BSC: Accomplished Artist’s Works Currently on Exhibit at the Campus

New York based artist Lesley Dill drew inspiration from many of Emily Dickinson’s poems for her paintings, sculptures, and photography.

Birmingham-Southern College is the proud host of Lesley Dill’s art from April 4, 2016 until April 28, 2016 in the Durbin Gallery on the campus as a part of the Big Read Birmingham project. The official opening reception was on Friday, April 8, 2016 from 6-8 p.m. in the Durbin Gallery. Dill gave an artist’s talk on Thursday, April 7 from 4-5 p.m. in the Norton Theatre on campus. The artist’s talk was offered as a cultural credit to the students of BSC to encourage them to attend the event. Students at Birmingham-Southern have to obtain a certain number of cultural credits in order to graduate from the school.

The Big Read Birmingham project is a program that is funded by the National Endowment for the Arts. The purpose of the Big Read is to broaden our understanding of our world, our communities, and ourselves through the joy of sharing a good book. Managed by Arts Midwest, this initiative offers grants to support innovative community reading programs designed around a single book. The book that the Big Read Birmingham project focuses on is The Collected Poems of Emily Dickinson.

Lesley Dill is an accomplished artist and Birmingham-Southern should be honored to be hosting her work right now. Her pieces have been widely shown across the globe. Her works are in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art, and the Whitney Museum of Art.

Art Criticisms are something that I find to be a challenge to write about. The reason is mainly that art is something that is so subjective and can be one of the most difficult things to interpret. All that being said I enjoyed observing all of Dill’s works that are on display in the Durbin Gallery. A few works stuck out in particular in my mind. These three paintings are “Only”, “This Was a Poet”, and “Wire Wall of Words.”

“Only” was an interesting work of art that Dill came up with. This sculpture was made in 2004. At first glance, I thought that the sculpture looked like the body of a person who has died. The sculpture was painted bronze. The bronze was painted using ink, wire, and thread. I was bewildered by this sculpture until I noticed the poem “Only” next to the sculpture. While the poem helped to provide a little clarification as to the meaning of the sculpture, I was still confused as to what the meaning of the sculpture and the poem both were.

The next work one of Dill’s pieces that I admired was “This Was a Poet.” When I first saw this work of art, I was amazed by the sheer size of it. The piece must have taken up nearly half of the available wall space in the art gallery. The more I looked at the piece, the more confused I was by it. The artwork is made up of random words that were written in a style, that I could not understand. These illegible words helped to form two random words in the painting. This recent piece just came out earlier this calendar year. This piece was done on paper using oil pastel.

The last piece of artwork that I admired from Dill was the “Wire Wall of Words.” Dill did this work in 1995. The words in this piece were made up of copper wire. Much like “This Was a Poet,” I was having a very difficult time trying to comprehend what was going on in this piece. I could not understand the words that made up this piece. While I could not understand the script, that did not mean that I did not appreciate the piece any less.

I really enjoyed Dill’s pieces that are currently on display in the Durbin Gallery. I would highly recommend to anyone that has not already, to go by and see the artwork. It is a true honor for BSC to have the works of such an accomplished artist on the campus and I think that the students should go and take advantage of the opportunity to appreciate Dill’s works. This could be a once in a lifetime opportunity that may never happen again.

The Greatest Motivational Song Ever

On January 8th, 1981, a little known English drummer, singer, and songwriter named Phil Collins released a song by the title of “In The Air Tonight” as the lead on Phil Collin’s first solo album titled “Face Value.” “In The Air Tonight” was quite popular upon its release. I rapidly climbed to number two on the United Kingdom Singles Chart. The song was also a big hit across the globe. It quickly climbed to number nineteen in the “Billboard Top 100” in the United States of America and reached number one in popularity in the Netherlands.

While I’m sure that, I heard Phil Colin’s song “In The Air Tonight” during one of the countless sporting events that I attended when I was younger. However, the first time that I actually remember hearing that song was during pre-game warmups before a football game my junior year in high school. From an athlete’s perspective, this song will get you going either before a workout or before a game. I always have this song playing on my pre-game pump up playlist. While some people may prefer either the lyrics or the major roles that the instruments play in this song, I personal prefer both because I’m of the belief that neither could exist without the other.

While the lyrics to this song are amazing and inspirational, there are more things to this song than the lyrics. However, with all of that being said, the lyrics to this song are amazing. My favorite lyrics to this song are, “I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord and I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life, oh Lord.” These words speak volumes to me as an athlete. Whenever I hear these words, they always inspire me to try to seize the moment that I’m currently going after. When these lyrics are played, I completely go into a different mode as an athlete. What I mean by mode is that they help me to be in the mindset necessary to have a chance to be successful in the athletic arena.

The other part of this song that I really enjoy is the role that the instruments play. My favorite part of the instruments is the drum solo that happens right before the song gets up to full speed. Up until this point, it feels to the listener that the song is building up to this moment. I completely agree with those beliefs. Every time I listen to this song, I can feel the beat and rhythm crescendo up until the point of the drum solo. After the drum solo, the instruments stay at a steady beat until the conclusion of the music. They do an excellent job of keeping the listener’s ear in tune to what’s going on until the song ends.
When Phil Collins first released “In The Air Tonight” in 1981, I doubt that he would have envisioned how timeless this song would become. I think that this has become a timeless classic for athletes especially. I cannot recall meeting many athletes who do not have this song on their playlist that they use to get themselves ready for a game or a workout.

Whenever I go to a sporting event, I always notice either the players or the fans doing an air drum solo with their hands whenever this song comes on over the loudspeakers. I personally recommend this song to anyone needing to get inspired to do something. It does not matter if you’re an athlete getting ready for a game or a student studying for a test. This song can motivate anyone to do anything.

Dinesh D’Souza Takes Birmingham-Southern College by Storm

When asked by a Birmingham-Southern College student if he thought that the predictions he made in his 2012 documentary “2016: Obama’s America” were accurate, considering the current price of gasoline, the current unemployment rate, and a host of other factors, Dinesh gave an interesting response. Dinesh responded to this question by arguing, “”The purpose of dialogue is to present facts that are believable to the other side.” What D’Souza was saying was that if the students that were “protesting” his presence here wanted to engage in a dialogue, then they needed to give him facts when they are asking him questions that both sides could agree to be true. Since Dinesh did not agree with many of the facts that the Birmingham-Southern College student presented him with, this is why he made the remark that he made.

On Thursday, April 7th, 2016, Dinesh D’Souza delivered 2016 William M. Acker Jr. Visiting Scholar Lecture in the Bruno Great Hall of the Norton Campus Center titled “What’s so Great About America?” at Birmingham-Southern College. Dinesh is an author, filmmaker, and a former policy analyst for President Ronald Reagan. Born in Mumbai, India, he came to the United States as an exchange student and graduated from Dartmouth College in 1983. He rose to prominence after the publication of his first book, Illiberal Education, which tackled political correctness on American campuses. D’Souza also directs documentary films; his movies include “2016: Obama’s America” and “America: Imagine the World Without Her.” Dinesh also has another documentary film coming out later this year about what it would be like if Hilary Clinton was elected by our citizens to become the next President of the United States of America. He also served as president of The King’s College in New York City from 2010-12.

D’Souza spoke about a number of different topics during his lecture at Birmingham-Southern College. One of the topics he discussed was what it was like to be an immigrant in the United States of America. He told the audience about how he came to the United States at age 17. During this section of his lecture, one of the remarks he made was how President Barrack Obama thinks that there is nothing truly special about our wonderful country. Another fascinating remark that Dinesh made during this part of his lecture was when he was discussing his process of becoming assimilated to the American way of life. D’Souza stated that it would not matter how much time we spent in India, we could never truly become Indian. The point that he was raising was captivating. He didn’t mean that we couldn’t become Indian in the sense of learning the culture or all of the different languages. Dinesh meant that we could not become Indian in the physical sense because to be Indian in this way, you needed to have all of the physical characteristics that a typical Indian person has. D’Souza goes on to state that, “becoming an American is about embracing an American way of life.” What he is saying is that it is easier to become a true American as compared to becoming a true Indian because in order to become an American you do not need to look or act a certain way. However, in order to become a true Indian, you do need to look and act in a certain way.

The next part of the lecture focused on the reason as to why this talk was titled “What’s so Great About America?” The audience found out that D’Souza loves the United States of America because, “your destiny is controlled by yourself.” Dinesh was in favor of the American value of having a “self-directed life.” This was radically different from in India where D’Souza’s marriage would have been arranged and he would not have had nearly as much control on the outcome of his life as what he was privileged to have by living in the United States of America. This is why he made the comment about how sometimes citizens of the United States tend to take for granted that they can control their own destinies in their lives.

The last part of his lecture discussed what actually went on with his arrest and criminal conviction. He broke the law for giving too much money under the Campaign Finance Laws in the United States. Dinesh told us that what happened was that one of his friends was running for the Senate in New York and he made a contribution of $20,000. This contribution was legal. It was his next contribution that was illegal. He told one of his friends that he would pay them back if he would write their friend that was running for the Senate in New York a check for $10,000. This was illegal. D’Souza thought that President Barrack Obama was selectively deploying justice because he was prosecuted for these crimes not long after his documentary “2016: Obama’s America” came out.

Overall, I really enjoyed the portion of the lecture where he spoke. I thought that Dinesh did an excellent job of articulating his ideas that he wanted to speak on during his talk. I want to commend him on being the bigger person and not directly addressing the protestors during his talk. I thought he did a great job of sticking to the facts and not letting all of the pomp and circumstances surrounding his lecture distract him from doing what he came to Birmingham-Southern College to do.

The Miracle Season: The Turnaround of the Men’s Birmingham-Southern College Basketball Team

“The experience was a tremendous one. One that I will definitely remember for a lifetime. Personally, it was completely gratifying, to work so hard every day in the off-season and to get to that point, it really showed how hard work pays off.,” asserted Ian Thom, a Guard for the Birmingham-Southern College Panthers that made the 2015-2016 Southern Athletic Association Men’s Basketball All-Conference Second Team, when asked what it was like to play in the NCAA Division III Men’s Basketball Tournament.

This season was a tremendous turnaround for the BSC Men’s Basketball team. Not much was expected out of the team this season after they had lost a key player from last year’s team. The player that I’m referencing is Larry Thomas. Larry Thomas was a Division III All-American last season and it was thought that his absence would be too much for the team to overcome in order to have any type of success this season. However, the Panthers did not let his absence stop them from having one of the most successful seasons ever in Birmingham-Southern College history.

BSC accomplished many things this season. They won the Southern Athletic Association Regular Season Championship. This was a big deal because it meant that the Panthers would host the conference tournament at Bill Battle Coliseum. They were able to win the tournament in front of their fans, family, and friends and secure the SAA’s Automatic Berth into the NCAA Division III Tournament. Their game in the First Round of the NCAA Tournament matched them up against LaGrange College out of Lagrange, GA. They won that game 93-88. In the Second Round of the NCAA Tournament, they lost to Emory in heartbreaking fashion by the score of 84-78. This was a big deal because it was the first time since the Men’s Basketball Team had transitioned from Division I to Division III, that they had won an NCAA Tournament game.

This was not the first time that BSC had played Emory this season. The first time that these two teams played, each other this season the Panthers got waxed 34 points. When asked to describe how playing Emory in the NCAA Tournament was different compared to when they played them the first game of the season, Patrick Kilcoyne stated:

“We actually didn’t stay in a hotel when we went there the first time. I remember vividly coming back after we got our tails torn up and coach stating ‘we’re getting rid of this fancy stuff (dinner) and getting gritty with our program’. We had gone to Logan’s roadhouse to eat and I think that moment defined our team. We became one of the grittiest, meanest, toughest teams around and it showed in simple drills to during the game.”

He is a freshman at Birmingham-Southern College Men’s Basketball team from Acton, California. Patrick provides an excellent summation that explains how they came back from getting their butts whipped the first game of the season to nearly winning the second meeting and having a chance to earn a berth into the Sweet Sixteen.

While the Panthers achieved much success this season, their next challenge will be trying to repeat the same success from this year next year. Ian elaborates on what will push him to want to do more next season by stating, “That taste of losing in the Round of 32 will push me even harder. It was one of the worst losses I’ve experienced and to know we can get that far and that we could’ve gone farther will help me strive to new boundaries in the offseason.” While it is important to make sure that you are motivated to reach your goals, it also helps if you have a specific plan outlined to help accomplish these goals. Ian goes on to assert that his personal plan to get better this offseason so that he can help the Panthers have just as much success next year as they had this year is, “Lift, shoot, run. We must stay conditioned and get stronger. Those two aspects will help our team. We will always be able to shoot the three but our defense is how we got to the point we were this year, so we just have to keep on our goals and visions and work towards them,” As a rising Senior, Ian is now in a leadership position. This answer sounds as thou he has thought about the team that they have right now returning and what they could potentially do next year if all of the pieces come together.

While nothing is guaranteed as far as what BSC will accomplish next season in basketball, it is comforting to know that they are striving for greatness. Patrick explains what I mean when he says, “I think we all grew up a lot this year. All the returners understand what needs to be done for another appearance. I think knowing that level that we set will allow us to grow and push to break new barriers, in return causing a better outcome.” The challenge that I see for this team next year is how they will react from being the hunter to the hunted. What I mean by this is that since they won both the regular season and the conference tournament this year, it will be interesting to see how they react to having targets on their backs next season.

C-USA Semi-final #2 Middle Tennessee State vs Marshall

Later today the MTSU Blue Raiders will take on the Marshall Thundering Herd for a spot in the 2016 C-USA Championship Game for the right to go dancing next week.  I’m honestly really indecisive as to how this game will go down.  The first meeting in January was a 82-66 route in favor of Marshall, but the second meeting was a tight battle untill the bitter end with MTSU winning 83-74.  With this taken into consideration, it will be interesting to see which sides of these two teams will show up respectively.  Here are my keys to the game.

  1. Will James Kelly be able to shine? Last night Kelly had a relatively underwhelming performance vs. UTEP.  He only had 17 points.  However, he would have been a lot more productive had he not had to have sat for the majority of the 1st half with picking up 2 quick fouls.  I expect him to have a strong showing since he scored 25 pts. the last time these two teams squared off.  We will have to wait and see how Coach Davis tries to slow him down tonight.
  2. Who will win the battle of the boards? The last time these two played, MTSU won the rebounding battle 36-27.  10 of those were offensive rebounds for the Blue Raiders.  Marshall will need to match their physicality tonight.  This will be important.  Those rebounds were important because they led to 16 2nd chance points.  That is the type of statistic that can cost a team in close games.
  3. Who will win the turnover battle? When these teams competed together in February, they both had 15 offensive turnovers apiece.  This will be key to watch tonight because I predict that whoever wins this will win the game.


Prediction: I think that this will be an interesting game.  It’s hard to predict exactly which team is going to show up.  However, I do think that Marshall will win tonight by somewhere in the neighborhood of 13 pts.  It should be close early, but I do think that Marshall will pull away late.  This should be an entertaining game to watch on the CBS Sports Network.

C-USA Semi-final #1: WKU vs Old Dominion Preview

After pulling off the upset of the week so far, the Hilltoppers look to continue their path to the NCAA Tournament today vs the Monarchs.  I fully expect this game to be similar to the two other times these teams played one another during the season.  The second meeting of the season was a physical war as ODU defeated WKU 59-56 on Feb. 18.  I expect this game to live up to the thrillers that those were.  Here are my keys to this game.

  1. How does Old Dominion plan to attack WKU?  This will be the key to watch in this one.  If the Monarchs try to do as UAB did and challenge their size inside, they will fail miserably.  ODU does not have enough size to challenge them physically and attack the basket.
  2. How will ODU shoot the ball from 3-point range? If ODU is not able to attack WKU at the basket, they will have to shoot the ball well in order to score efficiently.  They have an incredible mid-range game because they are averaging a FG % of 44.1% for the season.  This will be the key statistic to watch for in the game because the Monarchs are abysmal from behind the arch.  They are currently only averaging 29.6% for the season on attempted three-pointers.
  3. How fresh will WKU be after playing their 3rd game in as many days?  I cannot imagine the mental fatigue that WKU is feeling right now.  I would say that these players are in terrific physical shape this time of year, but I have to question where they are mentally today. These tournaments are never easy.  This is especially true for the teams that are still around that played on the first day.  We will get a chance to see how physically and mentally tough the Hilltoppers are as they undergo this tremendous challenge today in Birmingham, AL


Prediction: I have a feeling that WKU is going to pull this one out today.  I expect them to start off a little sluggish out of the gate, but they will overcome that to continue their quest to go dancing.  Western Kentucky is playing with a lot of belief right now after taking down the regular season champion UAB Blazers yesterday.  Belief can be a dangerous tool when a team enters March.  That is why I expect WKU to win 64-57

Paragraph Review

For this assignment, we had to go onto “Arts and Literature Daily” and find a paragraph that we admired on this website and explain why we liked it. I got my paragraph from an article that originated on The paragraph is:

“More particularly, I see technology as taking human goals and making them able to be automatically executed by machines. The human goals that we’ve had in the past have been things like moving objects from here to there and using a forklift rather than our own hands. Now, the things that we can do automatically are more intellectual kinds of things that have traditionally been the professions’ work, so to speak. These are things that we are going to be able to do by machine. The machine is able to execute things, but something or someone has to define what its goals should be and what it’s trying to execute,”

I admired this paragraph for a variety of reasons. One of the reasons that I admire the paragraph is that I think that it’s true what he’s saying. I think one of the thigs that the author is saying is that as technology improves, our society will become less and less humane and more automated. One of the things that I think the author is referencing is the idea of automated cars. While in theory this might seem like a good idea because it would make driving a car safer, this could have dire consequences. One of those consequences could be that it could cause us to become perfect. Part of what makes us human, is the fact that it is impossible to be perfect.

Another one of the reasons that I like this paragraph is the lack of complex language. Writers will sometimes try to work fancy words into their writing just to try to sound smart. Often this tactic will discourage readers from reading a writer’s work. I know that I personally try to avoid writers that do this. It’s not that I cannot understand the advanced vocabulary, it’s because the sophisticated words make the writing seem cluttered and unorganized.

The last reason why I really admired the paragraph I choose was because of how well the writer was able to articulate his thoughts. The writing did not seem like a stream of consciousness and it made sense. I like writers who do this because it makes my job as the reader a lot easier. The easier of a time I have going through a piece, the more likely I am to read the entire thing all the way through. This is one of the things that I try to accomplish in my writing. I also want the reader to come back and read my work again. They are likely to do this if they can understand what I’m trying to say.

Campaign Volunteers: The Unsung Heroes of Political Races

“I don’t usually do things like this. However, it was my belief in what he stood for as to what motivated me to want to help him,” exclaimed Alan Davis, who was working for Attorney Alaric May Green’s campaign for the Jefferson County 10th Circuit Court Place Eleven.

Davis’s belief is the basic core reason as to why people volunteer to help political campaigns. They do it because they are so passionate about one particular candidate that they want to do everything in their power to help them win. Campaign volunteers are ordinary people like you and me. Typically, these people do the grunt work of trying to win an election. They have the honor of doing the most mundane tasks. These tasks include handing out campaign literature to perspective voters, making phone calls to registered voters, putting together, and delivering yard signs. As a former campaign volunteer, I can empathize with these volunteers with how monotonous these tasks can become.

The first volunteer that I met was Al Bell, a 64 year-old retired juvenile probation officer, who volunteered for Judge Agnes Chappell’s Campaign. When asked why he was working for Judge Chappell, Mr. Bell commented, “I thought that she would be a fair judge. While I was a juvenile probation officer, many of my clients went in front of her. She never dished out any punishments to my clients that I thought were unfair.” This aspect of fairness was the key characteristic that Bell thought would make Judge Chappell an excellent candidate for the position that she was running for. It’s important to be fair because each case is different and all the aspects need to be taken into consideration when making a rational decision.

Another campaign volunteer that I talked to was a 31 year-old teacher’s assistant at W.J. Christian named Crystal Johnson who worked for William A. “Tony” Bell Jr’s campaign for the open district court judge position in the Jefferson County 10th Judicial Circuit. When asked what the first election she ever voted in was, she responded by saying, “I first voted in 2008 for President Obama. That whole experience inspired me to get involved in politics. I was so inspired by Obama that I wanted to volunteer for current Birmingham Mayor Bell’s campaign last year.” Crystal had a personal connection to the candidate she volunteered for. She told me that, “His wife is my doctor. That was a great incentive to get involved in his campaign. I already knew that I liked him because of his willingness to help the people.” The main issue that Bell was running on was that he wanted to reform traffic ticket laws. Bell wants to change the law to where you won’t get your license revoked just for getting too many traffic tickets. Johnson said that she had been working on the campaign for a couple of months and that she had started working on it around November.

Davis was the final campaign volunteer that I had a chance to talk to on Super Tuesday. He is currently a lost mitigation specialist for one of the banks in Birmingham. This was Davis’s first time working for a political campaign. While all three of the volunteers seemed motivated to help their candidates, I thought that Davis was the most motivated. I thought this when he described to me what his Tuesday had been like. I was astonished when Davis described his Tuesday as, “I came out to vote around five am this morning and then I came out to volunteer for the campaign after I got off of work”. I had never heard of one volunteer being that motivated before to help a campaign.”

Campaign volunteers are the ones that the political pundits should be thanking when their preferred candidate wins an election. These people do all of the underappreciated tasks of political campaigns and do not receive nearly enough recognition for what they do. It takes a strong amount of dedication to be willing to do the things that they do, in exchange for an unwanted result. I have been on the side of things before where you have sacrificed months of your life for a cause, only for all that time to be wasted since the candidate did not win the election. However, all of the people you meet and the connections you gain make everything worthwhile in the end. This is one of my conclusions as to why people willingly choose to volunteer for political campaigns.

Super Bowl 50 Preview

The entire NFL season has finally come down to this.  It’s the game that we have been waiting for all season.  It’s time for the Super Bowl between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers.  I have been excited about the potential of this match-up since we got it two weeks ago.  In this entry, I will present my keys to the game along with my prediction at the end


Keys to Super Bowl 50

1. Winning the Turnover Battle:  This is going to be especially important for the Broncos because they are +2 on turnovers so far in the playoffs, compared to a +8 turnover margin for the Panthers.  That is a six turnover difference in the playoffs this year.  What this means is that in the two games in the playoffs for both teams, Carolina has forced six more turnovers than the Broncos.  So if Denver is going to win the game tomorrow, they have to avoid interceptions by Peyton Manning and fumbles by their Running backs.

2. Converting 3rd Down:  This has been an area of concern for Denver all throughout the postseason.  Denver is 9/32 on 3rd Down compared to 16/29 for Carolina.  If the Panthers can control the ball and dominate time of possession, like they have all year, then it could be a long game for Denver tomorrow.  The more that the ball is in Manning’s hands tomorrow, the more concerned I would be about our chance to win if I was a Panther’s fan.

3. Denver’s Offensive Line:  The Bronco’s Offensive Line is going to have to give Manning extra time tomorrow to give them a chance for success.  They are going to need to hinder Carolina’s Defensive Line as much as possible.  The Panthers have already had EIGHT sacks so far in the playoffs through only TWO games.  Denver cannot allow the Panthers to have anywhere near that type of productivity tomorrow night

Bold Prediction

I have been going back and forth on this game for the last couple of weeks.  This has turned into a prediction where I cannot seen to get my heart and mind to agree.  My heart says that Peyton Manning will be able to do what Ray Lewis did a couple of years ago and inspire his team to a victory.  However, my mind tells me that their is no inconceivable way that Denver has a chance tomorrow night.  My mind tells me that the highlight of the game tomorrow will be the halftime show and that this game will end up being even worse than what happened two years ago when the Broncos got whipped by Seattle.  I think that Denver will score first in the game, but after that I think it will be all Carolina.  I’m predicting total domination by that Panthers to the tune of a 49-7 whipping.  If this turns out to be the case, I think that CBS will be disappointed with how the viewership numbers for the game turn out.