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2015 NFC Championship Preview

Well it finally all comes down to this day. All of the preperation that these teams have been doing since training camp started in July all comes down to today. I personally believe that the NFC Championship Game will be the more exciting of the two games today. All of the hard work that both the Seahawks and the Packers have put into this season all comes down to today. The winner of this game gets to fulfill the dream of every young football player. That dream is to play in the Super Bowl. Here are what I believe will be three keys to today’s game.

1. Control the crowd: With the game being in Seattle, that Packers have to make sure that they take the crowd out of the game early and often. They need to be the one to score first so that they can saturate the momentum out of the crowd. By scoring first, they will make the game that much easier for themselves. The 12th Man tries to be a difference maker in games, but the Packers need to make sure that they do not let that happen to them. This can also be true for the Seahawks as well. If they can make their home field advantage work in their favor, then that is how they will be able to have success in this game. If they can keep the crowd in this game, then they have a chance to win this game and repeat as NFC Champions.

2. Don’t let what happened Opening Night influence how well you play today: The Packers cannot let how poorly they played on Opening Night dictate policy for them today. They cannot come into the game today being scared of what happened in Week 1 and trying to avoid making the same mistakes they did the first game of the year. If the Packers come into the game today with this attitude, then they will not have any success at all. This same thought process applies to the Seahawks. If the Seahawks think that they can just come in and dominate today like they did on Opening Night, then they will be mistaken. These Packers have gotten a lot better since that Week 1 match up. If the Seahawks think that they can just walk onto the field and win the game, then they will be mistaken.

3. Both teams must be able to run the football effectively: If the Packers are able to run the ball as effectively as they did last week, then this game will be really interesting. I don’t know how healthy Aaron Rodgers is, but how healthy he his will dictate how much the Packers have to run the football. If he is no better off than he was last week, then Eddie Lacey will have to be just as effective vs Seattle as he was vs. the Seahawks. However, if Rodgers is more healthy and can move around, then he could have an even bigger game than he did last week. If Lynch can be in “Beast Mode” like he always is today, then Green Bay will have their hand full. I think that the team that can run the ball the best, will win the game today.

Prediction: I think that we will see an excellent game today. Both teams are coming into the game today with a lot of momentum on their sides. I think that the crowd will dictate who wins the game like they always do. If the crowd is in this game, then I give the advantage to Seattle. If the crowd is take out of this game early and often, then I give the advantage to the Packers. For my prediction, I think that the Packers will find a way to win this game today with Rodgers being a hero. I think that Rodgers will pick apart the ‘Legion of Boom’ and get the Packers into another Super Bowl. My prediction for the final score is 31-17

Will I Keep Blogging After Blog Like Crazy?

This is an interesting thought. I have been thinking about this very question ever since we started this project back in November. I have put a lot of thought in to this and I have an answer to this question. My answer is that I honestly believe that I will continue to blog on a regular basis for a long time after this project ends. I will continue to blog for a variety of reasons. These reasons include that having a blog will be something valuable that I can put on my resume, having a blog proves to any future employers that I have the skills necessary to write for a living, and having a blog is going to allow me to continue to further develop my writing skills.

The first reason as to why I believe that I will continue to blog on a regular basis after our Blog Like Crazy project is over is because having a blog is something valuable that I can put on my resume. For anyone that wants to have a future as a professional writer, having a blog is a critical way to get started. From what I have read on the internet, it seems that having a blog is almost an industry standard in this day and age. Future employers almost expect you to have a blog now and to also have a decent size group of people following your blog. Employers really would like you to have this because if you already have a good size following and they decide to hire you, then this is less work that they have to do to get hits on their website. This is one reason as to why it is important to continue to blog for a long time after our class ends. If you continue to blog then you are less likely to lose the following that you have already worked to establish.

The second reason of why I will continue to blog is because having a blog will make me appear more credible as a writer in the eyes of any future employers. I think that employers know the type of person you have to be in order to have the want to maintain a blog. In the society of instant gratification that we live in today, not many people have the want to maintain a blog in this day and age. In today’s society many people do not want to put in the work that is necessary to get anywhere in this world, but yet they want to have as much success as possible. A person has to be patient when it comes to developing a blog. It is rare for a blog to become an over night sensation after just one post. It takes patience to develop a blog and to develop a loyal following.

The last reason as to why I will continue to blog in the immediate future is because if I continue to blog, then that will continue to develop my writing skills. This class this semester has been a challenge for me in one particular way. I was stretched more in this class this semester in more ways than I could have ever imagined. The thing that stretched me was the types of thing that we had to write. I would of never imagined that I would be writing an obituary as a Sophomore in college. When I continue to blog, I will strive to continue to push myself by continuing to write difficult topics. I think that its important to do this because it will make me a better writer.

I think that this whole Blog Like Crazy exercise has been an invaluable experience for me. This whole exercise was made me more disciplined as a write and for that I am thankful for. It is hard to find the time everyday to blog. However, I wouldn’t trade this exercise for anything. I have learned a lot from it. This are just a few of the reasons as to why I will still keep blogging for a long time after this whole exercise is over.

College Football Predictions for 12/6/14

Here are my predictions for a couple of key games today

1. Iowa State vs. TCU- I believe that Iowa State has the potential to shock the nation today and prevent TCU from being in the College Football Playoff. I think that Special Teams will be a key role in this game and Iowa State wins 21-17.

2. Oklahoma State vs. Oklahoma- I think that Oklahoma takes care of business and prevents their rival from becoming bowl eligible. Oklahoma wins big today by the score of 49-21.

3. Temple vs. Tulane- I think that Tulane wins on Senior Day and prevents Temple from getting bowl eligible. I think that this games is a thriller and Tulane wins 21-20.

4. Alabama vs. Missouri- I think that Alabama dominates Missouri and wins in convincing fashion. I think that Alabama wins this game 42-14.

My Newspaper Blackout Poem

The remains of the article of "Weld' that I used for my Newspaper Blackout Poem

The remains of the article of “Weld’ that I used for my Newspaper Blackout Poem

Today my EH204 Class went to the Urban Standard in Downtown Birmingham. While we were there, our Professor had us do a Newspaper Blackout Poem. This was a challenging, but fun activity that I would absolutely do again. The poem is as follows:

What next?
What will happen to the UAB Football Players?
With the decision, Ray Watts made himself the most unpopular person in Birmingham.
What’s next for Birmingham?
What happens to all of the energy that has been expended over the past few Weeks to reverse a decision that was years in the making.
That energy was impressive.
That energy kept with Birmingham’s history as a place where ordinary citizens
Are willing to demonstrate their desire to make a difference.
To shape a city which they live and help define its destiny.
That energy was real.
What’s next?
What happens now?

How Not To Study For Finals

In honor of Finals Week, I have decided to do a post about how to not go about studying for your exams.

1. Gather all of your study materials needed to do well on your exams. These include but not limited to notes, your textbook, etc…

2. Sit down in front of the T.V. with said study materials.

3. Turn on the T.V. to your favorite show/ movie. Mine would be “The King of Queens”/ “The Pursuit of Happiness.”

4. Become distracted and waist a little bit of time.

5. Check your phone and realize a little bit of time has actually turned into three hours.

6. Tell yourself that you will get back to studying after you have watched thirty more minutes of said program.

7. You become even more distracted and look down at your watch and realize that three more hours have passed since you said that you would get back to studying.

8. It is now nine o’clock p.m. at night.

9. You sat down to study at three o’clock p.m. in the afternoon.

10. You realize that the exam that you were supposed to be studying for earlier is at 8 a.m. the next morning.

11. The situation has now become dire.

12. You realize that you now need to attempt to pull an all niter in order to make up for all the time you have wasted.

13. You remember that you need to do well on this exam to get a good grade in the class.

14. You immediately stop messing around and immediately hit the books.

15. A little while later you look at your phone and realize that you have already been studying for five hours.

16. Time is passing at a much faster pace than what you need it to.

17. You decide that you deserve to take a little power nap so that you gain the energy to keep going.

18. Fifteen minutes sound reasonable enough to you.

19. You lay down on your books and fall fast asleep.

20. Fifteen minutes later, your alarm that you set goes off.

21. You sleep through it.

22. Five hours and forty minutes later, you awake to the sound of you alarm still going off from when you were supposed to get up earlier.

23. You realize what time it is and that you only have FIVE minutes to make it to your exam on time.

24. You sprint out the door with your backpack full of the necessary exam supplies still in your bed clothes with greasy and uncombed hair.

25. You make it to your exam with about five seconds to spare.

26. You look around the classroom and realize how rested and confident everyone else looks.

27. You feel quite the opposite than they do.

28. You are completely unprepared and are not going to do well.

29. Your professor hands out the exams.

30 Your receive yours and realize that its even harder than you could have ever imagined.

31. Needless to say you realize how unprepared you truly are.

32. You sit for the next three hours guessing on every single question.

33. You wonder just how much easier you could have made this on yourself if you just hand not watched T.V. yesterday.

Happy Finals Week and I wish everyone the best of luck on all of your exams.

How To Tie Your Shoes

When I was younger, I had a difficult time learning how to tie my shoes. My family tried all the methods in the world. They tried everything from stories to songs, but none of it worked. I eventually did get it. However, I don’t want anyone to struggle as much as I did when I was younger. That is why I am writing this how to post.

1. Put your untied shoes on your feet.

2. Sit or kneel on the floor. You need to bend one of your knees so that you can easily reach one of your feet with both hands. Another option to this method is that you could sit in a chair and bring one of your feet up to you so it can be easier for you to tie your shoes.

3. It is imperative to make sure that your feet feel snug in your shoes.

4. Hold your shoelaces and pull them as tight as possible.

5. Cross your shoelaces and pull them as tight together as you can.

6. Make a loop with both of your right and left shoe laces

7. Cross the loops and tighten

8. Repeat the steps above with the other shoe

Vision or Reader and Writer Update

A lot has changed since I first wrote my story of my vision of myself as it comes to being a reader and a writer back at the beginning of the semester. I feel like I have improved dramatically as a writer over the course of this semester. I believe that I have gotten better as a writer because of all the papers and other things that I have had to do for our class this semester. I feel like that all the assignments that we have done have benefited me in a positive fashion in one way or another. Over the course of this semester, it has been hard to sometimes keep my head above water when it comes to being able to do all of the assignments for this class on time and still turn in quality work. However, I believe that all the trials and tribulations that I have gone through in writing the various things that I have done over the course of the semester have made me a better writer.

I think that the most challenging thing for me to write this semester was the obituary story. This story was hard for a variety of ways. One of the ways that it was hard was because it was difficult for me to write an obituary on a person that I was so near and dear to my heart. The person that I wrote the obituary for meant the world to me. Another reason that this story was hard for me to do was for my story I interviewed a good friend of mine that was just as close to the person that I wrote my obituary about as I was. I found it to be a real challenge to interview him about a person that was near and dear to both of us. I think this shows just how much Samuel Wimberly really meant to both of us.

I think that I have also improved in a variety of ways as a reader. I think that I have improved as a reader as well. I have improved as a reader in a variety of ways. One way in which that I think that I have improved is because I am currently setting aside time every single day to read all the book that I have bought, but have actually never made the time to actually read before. I feel bad for admitting this becasue I have a true love for the art of reading. Reading is something that I love to do as a hobby. However, being a student-athlete presents a challenge to the endeavor as both school and practice take up a large amount of my time. However, I have gotten better at making an honest effort to read every day. I feel like reading has dramatically improved my writing because I think that reading the works of professional writers has dramatically improved my writing. Reading has exposed me to a more variety of styles that I would not have been exposed to had I not started to read their books.

Planetarium Update

Since my last blog post a little bit has happened. Hannah Wolfston, who is the Director of Communications at Birmingham-Southern College, responded to my initial emails and replied with the following messages.


JB –
I heard back from Dr. Duane Pontius, the physics professor who probably knows more about the planetarium than anyone else on campus, but he didn’t have answers to any of your questions. I suspect there’s no record from the Meyer Foundation, either, since it was named in 1964.
I did find this article in the Hilltop News archive. It’s a great resource and I suggest you check it for more. You can access it from the library website, on the digital collections page. Once you get into the chunk that you want (they’re not dated entirely accurately, it seems), switch to fullscreen mode and it gives you the ability to search.

Another article that may be of help (May 8, 1964):
Guy Hubbs, the college archivist, might have more – but of course he (and everyone else) is out for Thanksgiving.
This is what I have at this point with more to come as I continue to do more research.  I have not heard back from Erin Stephenson yet and I will continue to try until I do.

My Mental State During The Thanksgiving Break

Here is a picture on my mental state during the Thanksgiving Break

Here is a picture on my mental state during the Thanksgiving Break

Here is a picture of my mental state during Thanksgiving Break.  It will stay largely this way until I am done with finals in a week and a half

My Family….

My family is wonderful. I have a huge family. One thing that I love about the holidays is that I get to see more of my family than I get to during the entire year. Thanksgiving is awesome because I get to see all of my cousins and just hang out with them all day. My whole family normally comes over to my house and spends the entire day together. We will play video games, watch the Thanksgiving Day games that the National Football League puts on every year on a regular basis. This year was a little different because Louisiana State University played Texas A&M on Thanksgiving Day for the first time in a long time. We all sat in front of my parents’ television set and watched LSU play their game. My house was completely packed with people. We had so many people over that we had people eating in our Dining Room, our Living Room, and our Kitchen. All three of those areas were packed with people. You have to imagine how packed it was because both of my mom and my dad had their entire sides of their families over for Thanksgiving Dinner.

Thanksgiving Dinner was wonderful because my Mom just asked everyone to bring something to the dinner. We had all kinds of food. We had everything from Corn Pudding to Deviled Eggs for dinner. My Mom had this awesome recipie for a Cranberry Sauce over Creme Cheese Dip out of the Southern Living Magazine. I have to say that the dip was probably the favorite thing that she made. Dinner was great. We had wonderful conversation about politics, religion, and everything that a person could imagine in between that spectrum of topics. The conversation was highly entertaining. I was really grateful that I came home from Birmingham-Southern College for Thanksgiving Break to see my family.

What was really great was that after Thanksgiving Dinner my entire family went to Brown Thursday/Black Friday together. We went all over Baton Rouge together to the various stores together. Our plan was that since there were so many of us, that we would be able to cover more ground separately than going as one unit. This was a excellent plan. We were all able to buy what we needed to. My parents got all of the Christmas Shopping done for my entire family. We bought what we needed and then we all left the stores.

I would consider my Thanksgiving to be an overall success. I got to see people in my huge family that I have not seen since I moved back to Birmingham, Alabama in August. I had an excellent time with all of them. My family might be big, but I really enjoy spending time with them. I would not trade them for anything in the world. I have really missed all of them since I moved away in August. They are really wonderful. They are the reason that I love the holidays so much because this is really the only time of the year that I get to spend a lot of quality time with them.


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