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The Greatest Motivational Song Ever


On January 8th, 1981, a little known English drummer, singer, and songwriter named Phil Collins released a song by the title of “In The Air Tonight” as the lead on Phil Collin’s first solo album titled “Face Value.” “In The Air Tonight” was quite popular upon its release. I rapidly climbed to number two on the United Kingdom Singles Chart. The song was also a big hit across the globe. It quickly climbed to number nineteen in the “Billboard Top 100” in the United States of America and reached number one in popularity in the Netherlands.

While I’m sure that, I heard Phil Colin’s song “In The Air Tonight” during one of the countless sporting events that I attended when I was younger. However, the first time that I actually remember hearing that song was during pre-game warmups before a football game my junior year in high school. From an athlete’s perspective, this song will get you going either before a workout or before a game. I always have this song playing on my pre-game pump up playlist. While some people may prefer either the lyrics or the major roles that the instruments play in this song, I personal prefer both because I’m of the belief that neither could exist without the other.

While the lyrics to this song are amazing and inspirational, there are more things to this song than the lyrics. However, with all of that being said, the lyrics to this song are amazing. My favorite lyrics to this song are, “I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord and I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life, oh Lord.” These words speak volumes to me as an athlete. Whenever I hear these words, they always inspire me to try to seize the moment that I’m currently going after. When these lyrics are played, I completely go into a different mode as an athlete. What I mean by mode is that they help me to be in the mindset necessary to have a chance to be successful in the athletic arena.

The other part of this song that I really enjoy is the role that the instruments play. My favorite part of the instruments is the drum solo that happens right before the song gets up to full speed. Up until this point, it feels to the listener that the song is building up to this moment. I completely agree with those beliefs. Every time I listen to this song, I can feel the beat and rhythm crescendo up until the point of the drum solo. After the drum solo, the instruments stay at a steady beat until the conclusion of the music. They do an excellent job of keeping the listener’s ear in tune to what’s going on until the song ends.
When Phil Collins first released “In The Air Tonight” in 1981, I doubt that he would have envisioned how timeless this song would become. I think that this has become a timeless classic for athletes especially. I cannot recall meeting many athletes who do not have this song on their playlist that they use to get themselves ready for a game or a workout.

Whenever I go to a sporting event, I always notice either the players or the fans doing an air drum solo with their hands whenever this song comes on over the loudspeakers. I personally recommend this song to anyone needing to get inspired to do something. It does not matter if you’re an athlete getting ready for a game or a student studying for a test. This song can motivate anyone to do anything.

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