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Super Bowl 50 Preview


The entire NFL season has finally come down to this.  It’s the game that we have been waiting for all season.  It’s time for the Super Bowl between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers.  I have been excited about the potential of this match-up since we got it two weeks ago.  In this entry, I will present my keys to the game along with my prediction at the end


Keys to Super Bowl 50

1. Winning the Turnover Battle:  This is going to be especially important for the Broncos because they are +2 on turnovers so far in the playoffs, compared to a +8 turnover margin for the Panthers.  That is a six turnover difference in the playoffs this year.  What this means is that in the two games in the playoffs for both teams, Carolina has forced six more turnovers than the Broncos.  So if Denver is going to win the game tomorrow, they have to avoid interceptions by Peyton Manning and fumbles by their Running backs.

2. Converting 3rd Down:  This has been an area of concern for Denver all throughout the postseason.  Denver is 9/32 on 3rd Down compared to 16/29 for Carolina.  If the Panthers can control the ball and dominate time of possession, like they have all year, then it could be a long game for Denver tomorrow.  The more that the ball is in Manning’s hands tomorrow, the more concerned I would be about our chance to win if I was a Panther’s fan.

3. Denver’s Offensive Line:  The Bronco’s Offensive Line is going to have to give Manning extra time tomorrow to give them a chance for success.  They are going to need to hinder Carolina’s Defensive Line as much as possible.  The Panthers have already had EIGHT sacks so far in the playoffs through only TWO games.  Denver cannot allow the Panthers to have anywhere near that type of productivity tomorrow night

Bold Prediction

I have been going back and forth on this game for the last couple of weeks.  This has turned into a prediction where I cannot seen to get my heart and mind to agree.  My heart says that Peyton Manning will be able to do what Ray Lewis did a couple of years ago and inspire his team to a victory.  However, my mind tells me that their is no inconceivable way that Denver has a chance tomorrow night.  My mind tells me that the highlight of the game tomorrow will be the halftime show and that this game will end up being even worse than what happened two years ago when the Broncos got whipped by Seattle.  I think that Denver will score first in the game, but after that I think it will be all Carolina.  I’m predicting total domination by that Panthers to the tune of a 49-7 whipping.  If this turns out to be the case, I think that CBS will be disappointed with how the viewership numbers for the game turn out.


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