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Paragraph Review


For this assignment, we had to go onto “Arts and Literature Daily” and find a paragraph that we admired on this website and explain why we liked it. I got my paragraph from an article that originated on The paragraph is:

“More particularly, I see technology as taking human goals and making them able to be automatically executed by machines. The human goals that we’ve had in the past have been things like moving objects from here to there and using a forklift rather than our own hands. Now, the things that we can do automatically are more intellectual kinds of things that have traditionally been the professions’ work, so to speak. These are things that we are going to be able to do by machine. The machine is able to execute things, but something or someone has to define what its goals should be and what it’s trying to execute,”

I admired this paragraph for a variety of reasons. One of the reasons that I admire the paragraph is that I think that it’s true what he’s saying. I think one of the thigs that the author is saying is that as technology improves, our society will become less and less humane and more automated. One of the things that I think the author is referencing is the idea of automated cars. While in theory this might seem like a good idea because it would make driving a car safer, this could have dire consequences. One of those consequences could be that it could cause us to become perfect. Part of what makes us human, is the fact that it is impossible to be perfect.

Another one of the reasons that I like this paragraph is the lack of complex language. Writers will sometimes try to work fancy words into their writing just to try to sound smart. Often this tactic will discourage readers from reading a writer’s work. I know that I personally try to avoid writers that do this. It’s not that I cannot understand the advanced vocabulary, it’s because the sophisticated words make the writing seem cluttered and unorganized.

The last reason why I really admired the paragraph I choose was because of how well the writer was able to articulate his thoughts. The writing did not seem like a stream of consciousness and it made sense. I like writers who do this because it makes my job as the reader a lot easier. The easier of a time I have going through a piece, the more likely I am to read the entire thing all the way through. This is one of the things that I try to accomplish in my writing. I also want the reader to come back and read my work again. They are likely to do this if they can understand what I’m trying to say.

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