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Why Do Sports Matter?

Why do sports matter? This has been a question that has baffled people for ages. However, I believe that I have an answer. I think that sports matter because they bring people together. The thing that makes us continue to devote so much of our time to sports is that as a society we like to associate ourselves with things that are bigger than we are. The most important thing that we can learn from sports as a society is how to deal with failure and disappointment.

Sports matter because they unite us as a human race. I have read stories where family feuds have been ended by watching a sporting event together. I have many personal experiences with this. One experience I have with this is with my high school’s state championship run in 2012. During the spring of my junior year, a good friend of mine passed away unexpectedly. After we got over the initial shock and grief of his death, we came together as a team and decided to dedicate our season to him. We ended up having an undefeated season and went on to win the 2012 3A State Championship in Louisiana. It was just amazing to see what we could accomplish when we had a common vision and a common goal. I believe that when we as a civilization rally around a common goal, we can accomplish anything that we set our minds to. This does not have to necessarily involve sports; it can involve anything that people can set a goal towards.

Many people have been asking why we devote so much of our time to sports. I think that I can answer this problem. I believe that we as a society devote so much of our time to sports because we like to associate ourselves with things that are bigger than we are. I believe that the movie “Fever Pitch” sums this issue up extremely well. In the movie, we learn that Jimmy Fallon’s character is obsessed with the Red Sox because when he moved to Boston he did not know anyone and used the team to fill the void of not having any friends. Mr. Fallon even admits in the movie that he fell in love with the Red Sox because they were safe and reliable. They were always there for him, even when no one else was. Jimmy believed that the Red Sox were bigger than he was. They also made him feel better about himself and his circumstances.

I am a big believer in children playing sports while they are growing up. I think that it is vital for a child to grow up playing sports nowadays. We now live in a world where people feel like that they need to coddle their children. However, sports do not allow that to happen. Sports are real and can expose you for who you really are. If you are talented at them, then you will be rewarded. If you are bad at them, you will never succeed at them. That is the way that life is. The sooner that these future generations learn this lesson, the better off that they will be for the rest of their lives. A sport also teaches you how to deal with failure and disappointment. This is an absolute necessity in order to be able to succeed in life. If a person is not able to deal with these things, then they could not function in society.

There are many reasons as to why sports matter. Sports can both unite us and tear us apart at the same time. Sports will continue to matter as long as people want them to. As long as society needs sports, then they will continue to exist. Thus, as long as people want to read about sports, people will continue to write about them. Sports can be the thing that teaches a person to be able to handle whatever life throws at them.


First Four Day 2 Preview

Basketball with the First Four logo
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What a pair of games we had last night in Dayton. That was a complete miracle that Ole Miss came back form 17 points down to beat BYU. Hampton completely dominated Manhattan last night for the opportunity to play Kentucky. I hope that we will see some more exciting basketball like what we saw last night. Here are my picks for the game tonight.

1. Robert Morris vs. North Florida on TruTv at 6:40 ET

I think that this is going to be a very entertaining game. I think that North Florida will win this game for one reason. The have an explosive offense. They are averaging 75.7 PPG compared to only 69.0 PPG for Robert Morris. The winner of this game plays Duke on Friday. I think that North Florida matches up better with Duke than Robert Morris. Either way in should be a good game to watch.

2. Dayton vs Boise State on TruTv at 9:10 ET.

I think that Dayton is going to have more of a challenge with Boise State than they think they will. However, I would pick Dayton to win this game because they will be playing at home in front of their fans. They are 16-0 at home this year and I think that streak will carry on tonight. I don’t think that this game will be able to live up to how great of a game BYU-Ole Miss was last night.

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First Four Day 1 Preview

Hey y’all it’s about that time! March Madness is finally about to be underway today with the first two games of the First Four.

The First Four gets underway tonight
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We have two games tonight with Hampton playing Manhattan for the right to play Kentucky on Thursday and BYU against Ole Miss for the right to go to play Xavier.

1. Hampton vs. Manhattan 6:40 ET on TruTv

This should be an interesting game between to unknown teams. I personally think that Manhattan will win this game for one reason only. That reason is experience. The Jaspers played in the big dance last year. That experience will pay big dividends for them. They will know what the stage is like and know exactly what to expect.

2. BYU vs. Ole Miss 9:10 ET on TruTv

I think that this is going to be a blow out in the form of BYU. BYU gives you one of the most explosive offenses in collegiate basketball. BYU will win this game going away.  Ole Miss does not have a good enough defense to slow this team down. If BYU wins this game, they could potentially make a Final Four run.

The reality is that during the month that we love know as March we never know what’s going to happen. Could the winner of Hampton vs Manhattan beat Kentucky. Sure, anything is possible during this month. At this time of year, it’s all about matchups.  It should be interesting to see how tonight goes.  Feel free to follow me on Twitter via  @TeenageSportGuy or via Fancred at

What A Day For Blazer Nation! UAB Wins the Conference USA Title For the First Time In School History


Words cannot truly express the euphoria that I feel right now. I am just overcome with so much joy right now. I am immensely proud as to how classy of a program Coach Haase has built in UAB. I have never seen a team that has matured both on and of the court over the course of a season as this one did.

I went to the LSU vs. UAB game back in December and it was a complete disaster. UAB had a big lead in the first half and they played poorly enough in the 2nd to let LSU steal a game they didn’t deserve to win.


When UAB went into halftime with a 37-26 lead, I was concerned that having the third youngest team in Division I Basketball might cost them this game. You never know how a team of mainly Freshmen and Sophomores are going to react with a date with March Madness on the line. However, I am proud to admit that I was wrong.

UAB is playing like a team on a mission right now and I wouldn’t be surprised if they can put together a run similar to what Florida Gulf Coast did a couple of years ago. If I’m a really high seed tomorrow and I see that I’m playing UAB, I would be scared for my life right now. They are the type of team that can be a match-up nightmare for a lot of teams.

UAB's Press Conference after winning the C-USA Title

UAB’s Press Conference after winning the C-USA Title

UAB won the game through a variety of avenues. They shot the ball extremely well. Not only did the shoot 51.9% for the game, but the shot a mind blowing 63.6% in the second half alone. Even more impressive is they shot an unheard of 55.6% form behind the arch.

The old adage, “Defense Wins Championships” was even more prevalent than usual this afternoon. They held Middle Tennessee to 37.5% shooting in the first half and 36.4 3 Point % in the first half. Shooting that poorly is not a good way to start a game. When you look at the stats, they were fortunate to only be down 13 at halftime.

What I thought was the most critical thing for UAB was that 8,279 people bought tickets for this game. I would say that most of them showed up for the game. I can honestly sat that it was a big deal for the residents of Birmingham to come to Legacy Arena this afternoon and support this team. This showing could go a long way in determining if UAB gets to stay in the Conference USA or not next year.

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Go Blazers!!!!!

It’s the Championship Game that No One Expected To See: UAB vs. Middle Tennessee @ 2:30 on Fox Sports 1

SUNP0025In less than two hours, we will start a game that no one saw coming. The #6 Seed Blue Raiders have done what few people actually thought they could do in getting to the championship game at the Legacy Arena.

Middle Tennessee was on the side of the bracket that was loaded with obstacles. Everyone thought they should handle Florida International pretty easily, but I certainly didn’t think they could handle Old Dominion or UTEP for that matter. However, the Blue Raiders have risen to the occasion and answered the bell when everyone doubted them. Regardless of what happens today, Middle Tennessee is going to be a force to reckon with in the future as they will only be losing two seniors off of this team.

Middle Tennessee's Press Conference after continuing their magical run in the C-USA Tournament

Middle Tennessee’s Press Conference after continuing their magical run in the C-USA Tournament

UAB has been a surprise of its own this week. Their first game was against Western Kentucky, which was a thrilling game unto itself. They also had to take on the regular season champion last night in LA Tech. That was a thrilling game that ended up going into overtime. They had as big of a lead of 16 points with ten minutes left in the 2nd half. However, Tech game roaring back and had a chance to win it at the buzzer. No matter what happens today, I think that UAB Basketball is going to be in an excellent place with Coach Haase at the helm. The future looks bright as they are only losing one Senior off of this team.

Keys To The Game:

1. Middle Tennessee wants to win this game, they are going to need to shoot the ball better than the 35.8% they shot against UTEP.

2. They will also need to start fast in order to keep this electric crowd out of the game as much as possible

3. The opposite is going to be true for UAB. They are going to need to get onto a quick start early to keep this huge crowd into the game as much as possible.

4. UAB also needs to play for a full 40 minutes and not get complacent in the 2nd half like they did last night.  They need to be mentally sharp for the entire game to have a chance to go to NCAA tournament for the first time since 2011.

Prediction: I think that we are going to see an excellent game today between two really physical teams.  I think that UAB will come out on top in this one 73-67.

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Middle Tennessee Survives and Advances Against #2 Seed UTEP


The Blue Raiders won tonight against the Miners in an exciting fashion. They trailed for the entire first half against UTEP. The score going into the locker room was 25-20 in favor of UTEP. Middle Tennessee looked very over matched on paper, however they never played like it. They played with the heart of a champion.

The key to this game was how much production Middle Tennessee was able to get from there bench. The Blue Raiders had 28 Bench Points compared to just 7 for the Miners. Another key stat was 3 pointers. MT shot 36.4% for the compared to just 29.4% for UTEP.

Omega Harris had a chance to tie the game at the end with a desperation 3 pointer, but he missed it. The ending was highly controversial because Harris was fouled at the game, but the officials let them play when it mattered the most. SUNP0021

The Blue Raiders are going to have a chance to get back to the NCAA Tournament for the first time sine 2013. No matter if they play either LA Tech or UAB tomorrow, I expect Middle Tennessee to “Bring The Wood” tomorrow as they are playing for all the marbles at 2:30 tomorrow.

Middle Tennessee's Press Conference after continuing their magical run in the C-USA Tournament

Middle Tennessee’s Press Conference after continuing their magical run in the C-USA Tournament

UAB Sinks Miracle Shot to Advance to the Semi-Finals of the C-USA Tournament

Robert Brown was the hero in tonight’s game as he sank the game winning jump shot with 19 second left in the game. Although he made the game winning shot, he only scored 11 points in the game. This is something that has been a common theme the whole year as UAB doesn’t really have one single superstar.

This can give opponents fits, because they really don’t know who to game plan for. It’s always someone different who steps up and saves the day. I think that this is the way Coach Haase likes to see his team play.  I think that Coach Haase is really building on something that Birmingham needs to get behind.

Coach Hasse and two of his players talk with the Media after a thrilling 53-52 win over WKU.

Coach Hasse and two of his players talk with the Media after a thrilling 53-52 win over WKU.

Tonight we had an excellent crowd at Legacy Arena.  The place was packed and it was rocking considering it was a Thursday night.  That needs to be continued if we want to see UAB have a chance to win this thing.  I believe that they can, but they are going to need all the support they can get.

The fans tonight were excellent, but we will need even more on Firday.

The fans tonight were excellent, but we
will need even more on Firday.

Tonight was an important win for this program to take a huge step in the right direction.  This was UAB’s first win the the C-USA tournament since they beat SMU in the first round in 2013.  They are in the semifinals for the first time since 2009.

I am proud of they grit that they showed tonight.  After all the trials and tribulations they have gone through this year, they never quit on each other.  This is just as important as winning games because character can take you places in life.  Athletics is one of the greatest arenas in the world to test someone’s true character.

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Go Blazers!!!!!

2015 NFC Championship Preview

Well it finally all comes down to this day. All of the preperation that these teams have been doing since training camp started in July all comes down to today. I personally believe that the NFC Championship Game will be the more exciting of the two games today. All of the hard work that both the Seahawks and the Packers have put into this season all comes down to today. The winner of this game gets to fulfill the dream of every young football player. That dream is to play in the Super Bowl. Here are what I believe will be three keys to today’s game.

1. Control the crowd: With the game being in Seattle, that Packers have to make sure that they take the crowd out of the game early and often. They need to be the one to score first so that they can saturate the momentum out of the crowd. By scoring first, they will make the game that much easier for themselves. The 12th Man tries to be a difference maker in games, but the Packers need to make sure that they do not let that happen to them. This can also be true for the Seahawks as well. If they can make their home field advantage work in their favor, then that is how they will be able to have success in this game. If they can keep the crowd in this game, then they have a chance to win this game and repeat as NFC Champions.

2. Don’t let what happened Opening Night influence how well you play today: The Packers cannot let how poorly they played on Opening Night dictate policy for them today. They cannot come into the game today being scared of what happened in Week 1 and trying to avoid making the same mistakes they did the first game of the year. If the Packers come into the game today with this attitude, then they will not have any success at all. This same thought process applies to the Seahawks. If the Seahawks think that they can just come in and dominate today like they did on Opening Night, then they will be mistaken. These Packers have gotten a lot better since that Week 1 match up. If the Seahawks think that they can just walk onto the field and win the game, then they will be mistaken.

3. Both teams must be able to run the football effectively: If the Packers are able to run the ball as effectively as they did last week, then this game will be really interesting. I don’t know how healthy Aaron Rodgers is, but how healthy he his will dictate how much the Packers have to run the football. If he is no better off than he was last week, then Eddie Lacey will have to be just as effective vs Seattle as he was vs. the Seahawks. However, if Rodgers is more healthy and can move around, then he could have an even bigger game than he did last week. If Lynch can be in “Beast Mode” like he always is today, then Green Bay will have their hand full. I think that the team that can run the ball the best, will win the game today.

Prediction: I think that we will see an excellent game today. Both teams are coming into the game today with a lot of momentum on their sides. I think that the crowd will dictate who wins the game like they always do. If the crowd is in this game, then I give the advantage to Seattle. If the crowd is take out of this game early and often, then I give the advantage to the Packers. For my prediction, I think that the Packers will find a way to win this game today with Rodgers being a hero. I think that Rodgers will pick apart the ‘Legion of Boom’ and get the Packers into another Super Bowl. My prediction for the final score is 31-17

Will I Keep Blogging After Blog Like Crazy?

This is an interesting thought. I have been thinking about this very question ever since we started this project back in November. I have put a lot of thought in to this and I have an answer to this question. My answer is that I honestly believe that I will continue to blog on a regular basis for a long time after this project ends. I will continue to blog for a variety of reasons. These reasons include that having a blog will be something valuable that I can put on my resume, having a blog proves to any future employers that I have the skills necessary to write for a living, and having a blog is going to allow me to continue to further develop my writing skills.

The first reason as to why I believe that I will continue to blog on a regular basis after our Blog Like Crazy project is over is because having a blog is something valuable that I can put on my resume. For anyone that wants to have a future as a professional writer, having a blog is a critical way to get started. From what I have read on the internet, it seems that having a blog is almost an industry standard in this day and age. Future employers almost expect you to have a blog now and to also have a decent size group of people following your blog. Employers really would like you to have this because if you already have a good size following and they decide to hire you, then this is less work that they have to do to get hits on their website. This is one reason as to why it is important to continue to blog for a long time after our class ends. If you continue to blog then you are less likely to lose the following that you have already worked to establish.

The second reason of why I will continue to blog is because having a blog will make me appear more credible as a writer in the eyes of any future employers. I think that employers know the type of person you have to be in order to have the want to maintain a blog. In the society of instant gratification that we live in today, not many people have the want to maintain a blog in this day and age. In today’s society many people do not want to put in the work that is necessary to get anywhere in this world, but yet they want to have as much success as possible. A person has to be patient when it comes to developing a blog. It is rare for a blog to become an over night sensation after just one post. It takes patience to develop a blog and to develop a loyal following.

The last reason as to why I will continue to blog in the immediate future is because if I continue to blog, then that will continue to develop my writing skills. This class this semester has been a challenge for me in one particular way. I was stretched more in this class this semester in more ways than I could have ever imagined. The thing that stretched me was the types of thing that we had to write. I would of never imagined that I would be writing an obituary as a Sophomore in college. When I continue to blog, I will strive to continue to push myself by continuing to write difficult topics. I think that its important to do this because it will make me a better writer.

I think that this whole Blog Like Crazy exercise has been an invaluable experience for me. This whole exercise was made me more disciplined as a write and for that I am thankful for. It is hard to find the time everyday to blog. However, I wouldn’t trade this exercise for anything. I have learned a lot from it. This are just a few of the reasons as to why I will still keep blogging for a long time after this whole exercise is over.

College Football Predictions for 12/6/14

Here are my predictions for a couple of key games today

1. Iowa State vs. TCU- I believe that Iowa State has the potential to shock the nation today and prevent TCU from being in the College Football Playoff. I think that Special Teams will be a key role in this game and Iowa State wins 21-17.

2. Oklahoma State vs. Oklahoma- I think that Oklahoma takes care of business and prevents their rival from becoming bowl eligible. Oklahoma wins big today by the score of 49-21.

3. Temple vs. Tulane- I think that Tulane wins on Senior Day and prevents Temple from getting bowl eligible. I think that this games is a thriller and Tulane wins 21-20.

4. Alabama vs. Missouri- I think that Alabama dominates Missouri and wins in convincing fashion. I think that Alabama wins this game 42-14.