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2015 NFC Championship Preview


Well it finally all comes down to this day. All of the preperation that these teams have been doing since training camp started in July all comes down to today. I personally believe that the NFC Championship Game will be the more exciting of the two games today. All of the hard work that both the Seahawks and the Packers have put into this season all comes down to today. The winner of this game gets to fulfill the dream of every young football player. That dream is to play in the Super Bowl. Here are what I believe will be three keys to today’s game.

1. Control the crowd: With the game being in Seattle, that Packers have to make sure that they take the crowd out of the game early and often. They need to be the one to score first so that they can saturate the momentum out of the crowd. By scoring first, they will make the game that much easier for themselves. The 12th Man tries to be a difference maker in games, but the Packers need to make sure that they do not let that happen to them. This can also be true for the Seahawks as well. If they can make their home field advantage work in their favor, then that is how they will be able to have success in this game. If they can keep the crowd in this game, then they have a chance to win this game and repeat as NFC Champions.

2. Don’t let what happened Opening Night influence how well you play today: The Packers cannot let how poorly they played on Opening Night dictate policy for them today. They cannot come into the game today being scared of what happened in Week 1 and trying to avoid making the same mistakes they did the first game of the year. If the Packers come into the game today with this attitude, then they will not have any success at all. This same thought process applies to the Seahawks. If the Seahawks think that they can just come in and dominate today like they did on Opening Night, then they will be mistaken. These Packers have gotten a lot better since that Week 1 match up. If the Seahawks think that they can just walk onto the field and win the game, then they will be mistaken.

3. Both teams must be able to run the football effectively: If the Packers are able to run the ball as effectively as they did last week, then this game will be really interesting. I don’t know how healthy Aaron Rodgers is, but how healthy he his will dictate how much the Packers have to run the football. If he is no better off than he was last week, then Eddie Lacey will have to be just as effective vs Seattle as he was vs. the Seahawks. However, if Rodgers is more healthy and can move around, then he could have an even bigger game than he did last week. If Lynch can be in “Beast Mode” like he always is today, then Green Bay will have their hand full. I think that the team that can run the ball the best, will win the game today.

Prediction: I think that we will see an excellent game today. Both teams are coming into the game today with a lot of momentum on their sides. I think that the crowd will dictate who wins the game like they always do. If the crowd is in this game, then I give the advantage to Seattle. If the crowd is take out of this game early and often, then I give the advantage to the Packers. For my prediction, I think that the Packers will find a way to win this game today with Rodgers being a hero. I think that Rodgers will pick apart the ‘Legion of Boom’ and get the Packers into another Super Bowl. My prediction for the final score is 31-17


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