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How Not To Study For Finals


In honor of Finals Week, I have decided to do a post about how to not go about studying for your exams.

1. Gather all of your study materials needed to do well on your exams. These include but not limited to notes, your textbook, etc…

2. Sit down in front of the T.V. with said study materials.

3. Turn on the T.V. to your favorite show/ movie. Mine would be “The King of Queens”/ “The Pursuit of Happiness.”

4. Become distracted and waist a little bit of time.

5. Check your phone and realize a little bit of time has actually turned into three hours.

6. Tell yourself that you will get back to studying after you have watched thirty more minutes of said program.

7. You become even more distracted and look down at your watch and realize that three more hours have passed since you said that you would get back to studying.

8. It is now nine o’clock p.m. at night.

9. You sat down to study at three o’clock p.m. in the afternoon.

10. You realize that the exam that you were supposed to be studying for earlier is at 8 a.m. the next morning.

11. The situation has now become dire.

12. You realize that you now need to attempt to pull an all niter in order to make up for all the time you have wasted.

13. You remember that you need to do well on this exam to get a good grade in the class.

14. You immediately stop messing around and immediately hit the books.

15. A little while later you look at your phone and realize that you have already been studying for five hours.

16. Time is passing at a much faster pace than what you need it to.

17. You decide that you deserve to take a little power nap so that you gain the energy to keep going.

18. Fifteen minutes sound reasonable enough to you.

19. You lay down on your books and fall fast asleep.

20. Fifteen minutes later, your alarm that you set goes off.

21. You sleep through it.

22. Five hours and forty minutes later, you awake to the sound of you alarm still going off from when you were supposed to get up earlier.

23. You realize what time it is and that you only have FIVE minutes to make it to your exam on time.

24. You sprint out the door with your backpack full of the necessary exam supplies still in your bed clothes with greasy and uncombed hair.

25. You make it to your exam with about five seconds to spare.

26. You look around the classroom and realize how rested and confident everyone else looks.

27. You feel quite the opposite than they do.

28. You are completely unprepared and are not going to do well.

29. Your professor hands out the exams.

30 Your receive yours and realize that its even harder than you could have ever imagined.

31. Needless to say you realize how unprepared you truly are.

32. You sit for the next three hours guessing on every single question.

33. You wonder just how much easier you could have made this on yourself if you just hand not watched T.V. yesterday.

Happy Finals Week and I wish everyone the best of luck on all of your exams.

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