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How To Tie Your Shoes


When I was younger, I had a difficult time learning how to tie my shoes. My family tried all the methods in the world. They tried everything from stories to songs, but none of it worked. I eventually did get it. However, I don’t want anyone to struggle as much as I did when I was younger. That is why I am writing this how to post.

1. Put your untied shoes on your feet.

2. Sit or kneel on the floor. You need to bend one of your knees so that you can easily reach one of your feet with both hands. Another option to this method is that you could sit in a chair and bring one of your feet up to you so it can be easier for you to tie your shoes.

3. It is imperative to make sure that your feet feel snug in your shoes.

4. Hold your shoelaces and pull them as tight as possible.

5. Cross your shoelaces and pull them as tight together as you can.

6. Make a loop with both of your right and left shoe laces

7. Cross the loops and tighten

8. Repeat the steps above with the other shoe

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