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Vision or Reader and Writer Update


A lot has changed since I first wrote my story of my vision of myself as it comes to being a reader and a writer back at the beginning of the semester. I feel like I have improved dramatically as a writer over the course of this semester. I believe that I have gotten better as a writer because of all the papers and other things that I have had to do for our class this semester. I feel like that all the assignments that we have done have benefited me in a positive fashion in one way or another. Over the course of this semester, it has been hard to sometimes keep my head above water when it comes to being able to do all of the assignments for this class on time and still turn in quality work. However, I believe that all the trials and tribulations that I have gone through in writing the various things that I have done over the course of the semester have made me a better writer.

I think that the most challenging thing for me to write this semester was the obituary story. This story was hard for a variety of ways. One of the ways that it was hard was because it was difficult for me to write an obituary on a person that I was so near and dear to my heart. The person that I wrote the obituary for meant the world to me. Another reason that this story was hard for me to do was for my story I interviewed a good friend of mine that was just as close to the person that I wrote my obituary about as I was. I found it to be a real challenge to interview him about a person that was near and dear to both of us. I think this shows just how much Samuel Wimberly really meant to both of us.

I think that I have also improved in a variety of ways as a reader. I think that I have improved as a reader as well. I have improved as a reader in a variety of ways. One way in which that I think that I have improved is because I am currently setting aside time every single day to read all the book that I have bought, but have actually never made the time to actually read before. I feel bad for admitting this becasue I have a true love for the art of reading. Reading is something that I love to do as a hobby. However, being a student-athlete presents a challenge to the endeavor as both school and practice take up a large amount of my time. However, I have gotten better at making an honest effort to read every day. I feel like reading has dramatically improved my writing because I think that reading the works of professional writers has dramatically improved my writing. Reading has exposed me to a more variety of styles that I would not have been exposed to had I not started to read their books.

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