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Planetarium Update


Since my last blog post a little bit has happened. Hannah Wolfston, who is the Director of Communications at Birmingham-Southern College, responded to my initial emails and replied with the following messages.


JB –
I heard back from Dr. Duane Pontius, the physics professor who probably knows more about the planetarium than anyone else on campus, but he didn’t have answers to any of your questions. I suspect there’s no record from the Meyer Foundation, either, since it was named in 1964.
I did find this article in the Hilltop News archive. It’s a great resource and I suggest you check it for more. You can access it from the library website, on the digital collections page. Once you get into the chunk that you want (they’re not dated entirely accurately, it seems), switch to fullscreen mode and it gives you the ability to search.

Another article that may be of help (May 8, 1964):
Guy Hubbs, the college archivist, might have more – but of course he (and everyone else) is out for Thanksgiving.
This is what I have at this point with more to come as I continue to do more research.  I have not heard back from Erin Stephenson yet and I will continue to try until I do.

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