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19 Things I Am Thankful For


1. My Mom, Melody McCracken, whom I am thankful for because she and I always go to Black Friday together and its always a lot of fun.

2. My Dad, John McCracken, who I am thankful for because he is my Long Snapping Coach and without his guidance I would not be where I am today.

3. I am thankful for Trent Dodson because he has been an excellent friend to me and he has always been their for me.

4. Birmingham-Southern College, because the challenging curriculum is preparing me well for my life after college when I get into the real world.

5. My church, because I enjoy going with my friends and I really enjoy being a part of the Desperation Church community.

6. Football, because all throughout my life it has forced me to de disciplined and it has taught me a work ethic that I will keep with me for the rest of my life.

7. NPR, because I really enjoy having the educational and informative station on in my car on a regular basis.

8. Parkview Baptist High School because they helped to prepare me for both the rigors and challenges of College.

9. Black Friday because I really enjoy to both participate in getting all the savings that you do not see during the rest of the year and to people watch and observe all of the madness going on around me.

10. My dog Rudy because he has been a joy to have around the house during my lifetime and he has always been loyal to me.

11. Music because this has always helped to get me ready to play a football game and I really enjoy certaing generes.

12. My XBOX 360 because it gives me something to do with my friends whenever they come over to my house.

13. Destin, FL because this is one of my favorite vacation spots on the planet and I think that it it an excellent place to go for the money that you spend.

14. My New Balance shoes because they provide valuable support to my feet unlike any other brand of shoes that I have ever worn before.

15. Netflix because this has been an excellent want for my friends and family to watch movies and television shoes that we would not of otherwise watched.

16. My Baseball Card collection because its a fun hobby and I have met some excellent people doing it.

17. My apartment in Birmingham because I have really enjoyed living there since I moved their in August.

18. My home in Baton Rouge, LA because it was my childhood home and will always have a special place in my heart.

19. Alabama Football because I love going to their games and I will always bleed Crimson and White.

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