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What’s The Point?


This is a question that I have been thinking about since I saw this as the writing topic for today’s date. I think that this question can be applied to almost anything. So I was thinking that this could be more of a stream of consciousness type of exercise.

What’s the point? I often find myself thinking about this on a regular basis. I often wonder what is the point of me doing what I am doing. I think that this can be completely applicable to our whole “Blog Like Crazy” project. I think that the whole reason of doing this is to improve our writing. Dr. Brock has said multiple times that the only way to improve as a writer is to read and write as much as you can.

It’s important to write on a regular basis because the more that you write, the better you will get at it. Writing is important for a variety of reasons. It is almost more important to be able to write better than you speak. This is often the case for me. I believe that I am a stronger writer than an orator. I think that its important to be able to write better than you speak because being able to write well can make up for not being able to speak well. I believe that being able to write well means more than being able to speak well. I believe that being a good speaker is something that can be taught, but being a good writer is something that is an innate talent in my opinion. I think that being able to write is a good writer is an innate talent because I think that it is harder to find strong writers than strong speakers. I believe that strong writers are few and far between. I think that companies are far more willing to pay beople more money that are good writers than those that are good speakers. This goes back to my point earlier about why being able to write is an innate skill or not.

The same can be said for reading on a regular basis. It can be extremely beneficial to read because by reading you are learning from some of the best others in the business. It is a very small percentage of writers in this world that actually have an opportunity to be published and their work shared for the rest of the world to see. My thinking is that by reading on a regular basis, you will be exposed to different writing styles of all the different authors. This is also a great way to figure out what writing styles make sense to you and which ones you would be interested in potentially trying to replicate. By reading, you are also exposed to a variety of perspectives and opinions. I think that if a person reads and tries to educate themselves on the issues that matter, then they will become more informed and a better all-around citizen.

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