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Where I Was on 8/29/05


August 29, 2005 was a day in my life that forever changed the course of the history of my life, state, and nation. This was the day that Hurricane Katrina tore across the Louisiana and Mississippi Golf Coast. This event forever changed my life.

To understand why this was such a big deal, you need to understand the events leading up to its landfall. I was in the Fifth Grade when this happened. Katrina made landfall on a Monday, but it was really on the proceeding Friday that things were interesting. On Friday my parents and I were watching the Weather Channel because Katrina had hit Florida the previous day and was now in the Gulf of Mexico. The meteorologists were saying how the storm was pretty much going to not be a bib deal at all because it was going to make a turn and just hit the Florida panhandle. So with this information my parents and I went to bed that night pretty confident that we were going to dodge a bullet. However, the next morning we found out the worst news possible.

On Saturday we woke up and found the meteorologists saying that the storm was coming right for us. My parents were starting to panic. They were running around the house taking pictures for the insurance company in case something were to happen. This really made it register in my mind how bad things were going to get for us. I went with my parents all over Baton Rouge to all the different grocery stores trying to buy supplies for what was coming.

Governor Mary Blanco, the mayor of New Orleans, and a bunch of other federal officials came on the television saying how bad things were going to get, that people needed to get out of New Orleans, and that those who could not leave could go to the Louisiana Superdome to ride out the storm. I was really surprised by the endeavor. I thought that they needed to try to get everyone out of the city in case something bad were to happen. This all happened on Saturday. Sunday was much of the same thing. In the late afternoon, it started to rain and we were getting significant gusts from the outer bands of the storm. It never stopped raining until the storm was completely over Monday afternoon. While it was raining on Sunday my Dad and I went to the house that my grandmother was building to pickup the wood that was sitting around the outside of the house. We didn’t want anything to get picked up in the wind and damage any of the neighbor’s property.

On Monday everything started to unfold really badly. Early Monday morning we lost power and we didn’t get it back for about a week. When we lost power, we also lost the ability to have air conditioning. This was not a good place to be in when you live in south Louisiana in the middle of August. I really felt the impact when Baton Rough practically tripled in population size overnight. We grew from all of the people who lost everything in New Orleans from the storm. This was so long ago, that I just kind of remember the big details of what went on. My life changed for the better. I became closer to my family and we got through this difficult time for my state and city. I would not of traded anything I experienced for the world.

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