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Blogging Like Crazy Is Still A Challenge


When we first started to talk about the idea of blogging everyday for an entire month, I thought that it sounded pretty easy. I did not think that it would be hard to find time over the course of an entire day to write one blog post. I thought that it would be easy to find the time to do this every day. However, I was completely wrong. I wasn’t wrong in the sense of being able to find the time to do it, but I was wrong in the sense of how easy it would be to motivate myself to write everyday.

I thought that it would be easy to motivate myself to do this everyday. However, I was wrong. I think that part of my problem is that I will procrastinate on doing this and I will wait untill the last possible minute to do my posts everyday. However, once I sit down and actually do it, I don’t think that I have much of a problem writing the post. My only issue just to get myself to sit down and do it.

This has been an exercise that I really enjoy doing. I feel as though that doing this exercise has made me a better writer. I only say that because this exercise has really forced me to practice my writing on a regular basis and that is something that I am thankful for. I feel like that this process has made me better at being able to articulate my thoughts in a way that I was previously unsuccessful in doing. I honestly believe that if I had not been forced to do this exercise, I do not think that this is something that I would of willingly done on my own. My problem iis that I have filled the internet with blogs, but they have been just sitting unused for the longest time. I have a tendency to start a blog, write a few posts, and then do absolutely nothing with it. When I say nothing, I really do mean that I will do nothing with it. I will leave it alone and forget about it

However, I am determined to not do that anymore. I have started to write on this blog before and left it to die before I would come back to it again later. I am going to say that I will not do that anymore. I am hoping that the “Blog Like Crazy” project that we are doing will make it so ingrained in my mind, that it will be next to impossible for me to forget about this blog.

I feel like that this project has made me a better writer in terms of the discipline it has taught me. This project has taught me that if I want to improve as a writer, then I need to do it everyday. Writing is not just something that you can quit doing and still expect to be good at. Writing is something that requires repetition in order to master it. I feel like that this project has given me the opportunity to practice my writing as much as I need to start doing.

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