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Pig Drawing Day #5


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This is my final drawing of a pig this week.  I am personally glad that this is finally over.  This has been a real challenge for me because I have never found drawing to be a fun activity.  Growing up, my relatives and family friends would always by me coloring books for be to draw in, but I had never found this to be a very enjoyable activity.  I was never the type of child to willingly go and draw something.  I had always thought that drawing was a boring activity and a big waste of time.  Needless to say, I was not a happy camper when I found out that I had to draw this week.  However, the more I got into the process, the more I realized how important drawing really is, the more that I respect it for the art that it really it.

My feeling for drawing have really changed throughout this whole process, as you just found out.  So the next challenge for me was finding something to draw.  I wanted to find something reasonably simple to draw, so that I wouldn’t make to big of a fool of myself this week.  All I did was I typed into Google “Simple Pictures To Draw” and up came a picture of a simple pig.  It was one of those step by step guides of how to draw a pig.  It looked simple enough so I decided to jump on it and try it.  I don’t have a really inspiring story about why I choose to draw a pig.  It was just kind of luck that it happened in this way.

I was scrolling through the millions of pictures that came up and I eventually decided on the pig.  The more time that I have spent with the pig this week, the more that I began to enjoy it.  I began to truly appreciate the picture for its simplicity and what it really was.  I thought that the pig taught me a lot about patience because it was a challenge to draw at first.  I got really frustrated with it, but I eventually got though it and I persisted on.  This ended up being really rewarding.  I was really proud of myself for getting through this.  This was especially rewarding for me because I was doing something that I had never really enjoyed doing that much when I was growing up.

The more that I kept drawing the picture of the pig, the easier I thought that it was becoming to draw the picture.  I noticed all the different curves and lines that when broken down were not that much of a challenge to draw.  All of these different shapes added up to make something that is truly beautiful.

I am really happy that I had to draw as a part of this class.  Drawing is something that I would not of done willingly on my own unless I was forced into doing it.  I would highly recommend drawing even as only a therapeutic exercise.  This is a skill that can teach you how to relax.  I know that it has been a great stress release for me whenever I do it.

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  1. Glenny permalink

    “I thought that the pig taught me a lot about patience…” Really beautiful, JB.

    Believe it or not, my choice of Gandhi was almost as random as your pig pick. I drew his face one day then thought, “Hmm. Maybe I’ll d that again.”

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