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College Football Picks For Tomorrow


Here are my picks for a couple of the games tomorrow. I try to pick from a variety of games. Feel free to post any comments below on my picks.

1. No. 8 Ohio State at No. 25 Minnesota- My pick for this game is Minnesota for the upset at home. If Minnesota can pull this off, it could blow a big dent into the Big Ten’s hopes of making it into the college football playoffs.

2. Virginia Tech at No. 21 Duke- I’ll go with Duke in their quest to repeat as ACC Costal Division Champs and try again to pull the ultimate upset against Florida State in the ACC Championship Game.

3. No. 4 TCU at Kansas- I’m not just saying this for fun, but I honestly believe that Kansas has a chance to pull of possible the greatest upset of the year by TCU. I feel like that this game will come down to special teams and whoever can control the field positition.

4. No. 17 LSU at Arkansas- I think that Arkansas has everything going for them in the annual “Battle For The Boot.” I think that the weather will play a significant factor in this game as LSU cannot be possibly be prepared to play in the extreme cold that is waiting for them tomorrow night. For that reason alone, I am picking Arkansas to win their first SEC game in nearly two years.

5. No. 1 Mississippi State at No. 5 Alabama- I’ll go against my gut and what the betters in Los Vegas say. I think that Mississippi State will win this game and eliminate Alabama’s chance of winning the SEC West.

Those are my picks for this week. Feel free to leave any thoughts or opinions in the comments section below.

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