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The President Came and Visited Our Class Today


Today we had the sincere honor of having the President of Birmingham-Southern College come and visit our class today. The name of our President is General Charles Krulak. He was chosen as the thirteenth President of Birmingham-Southern College on March 21, 2011. Before he cam to Birmingham-Southern College, he had a very interesting life.

The part of his story started with us started while he was living in Hawaii. He lived there from the age of two untill he was fifteen years old. He took up surfing while he lived there. When he surfed, everyone always commented to him how good he was. He started to believe it so much that he decided to drop out of high school to pursue a career as a professional surfer. Here’s a fun fact, our college president told us in class today that he wwent to the same high school as our current President of The United States of America.

General Krulak was such a good professional surfer, that he was able to become sponsored by Budweiser. He told us an interesting story about this. He told us that he was the reason that Budweiser came up with the slogan Bud. Here’s how the story goes. Charles was approached by Budweiser about being sponsored and he agreed. Budweiser wanted to have its name plastered all over The General’s Wet Suit. However, there was a problem with this. He was such a small man, that the word Budweiser was long enough to wrap around him one and a half times. Budweiser needed to come up with a solution to this perplexing issue. The marketing department at Budweiser came up with the idea to shorten their name to “Bud” so that it would be short enough that it could be seen completely on the front of the suit. In summary, General Krulak was basically the way that Budweiser came up with one of their most memorable slogans in the company’s history.

Another key part of The General’s life was that he was the 31st Commandant of the Marine Corps from 1995 through 1999. While he was’t Commandant during these wars, he served in the military for the Vietnam War and the Persian Gulf War. Some of the awards he has earned include, two Purple Hearts, three Bronze Stars, a Silver Star, The Navy Distinguished Service Award, and the Defense Distinguished Service Medal.

The General gave us some excellent advice about writing. He told us that we should write only about what we are passionate about. His passion is the issue of torture and that is what he mainly spends his time writing about. He believes that if you write about things that you care about, your work will be better than things you would have done otherwise. He blogs for the Huffington Post about a variety of topics, but he mainly writes about the issue of torture. He has also written articles about the issue of torture for The New York Times.

My opinion of The General did not change much after his visit to our English class. I had talked to him a couple of times before on a one on one basis and I knew how much he cares about us both as people and as students. What I did not previously realize was how easily he was able to bounce from topic to topic. I also did not realize how willing he was to answer any question we had. No question was off limits with him and that is what I liked the most about our interview. I personally hope that I get to talk to him more in the future because he has a wealth of knowledge that is ripe for the picking.

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