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Alabama VS LSU Hype Video


This video was a hype video for the University of Alabama versus Louisiana State University produced by the website ‘Saturday Down South.’ This video illustrates how big the rivalry between Alabama and LSU has become. At first the rivalry became a big deal again when Nick Saban left the Miami Dolphins in 2007 to become the head coach at Alabama. Before Nick Saban left the Dolphins, LSU had been abbsolutely dominating Alabama. From 2003 to 2007, LSU had beaten Alabama five straight times. Now, dating back to the 2012 Bowl Championship Series National Championship Game in New Orleans, Louisiana, Alabama has beaten LSU four times in a row.

Two out of the last five games that have been played between them have one to overtime. This is significant because it shows how competitive the games have been recently. It also shows how much talent has been on the field for these two teams in recent years. Both teams have had NFL teams draft 42 players drafted from the 2011 LSU-Alabama game. Another 30 or so spent time on NFL rosters as college free agents. Potentially, as many as 21 players in last Saturday’s game could be drafted in the upcoming NFL draft. The group includes the likes of projected first-round picks Amari Cooper, Landon Collins and La’el Collins. This list just names a few of the potentially franchise-changing players that will be on the field. This just shows how much talent both LSU and Alabama have on their respective rosters.

This game has become such a big deal to both teams usually schedule bye weeks before the game. For the past five years, the Tigers have scheduled an open date the weekend before the Bama game. Alabama has even done this in the week before for five out of the last six years. The thinking is that the game is so big now that the coaches need the extra time to prepare and the players need the extra time to rest. LSU thought that the game was big enough last year that they scheduled bye weeks the week before and after the game last year.

The rest of the country has really been captivated by this game over the last couple of years. Last years game attracted over eleven million viewers. The so called “Game of The Century” a couple of year ago attracted over eighteen million viewers. This statistic is comparable to how many people have watched some of the Bowl Championship Series National Championship Games in the past.

This video really captures how much Alabama has really dominated LSU recently. Alabama has beaten LSU three out of the last four times that the game has been played in Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The only time LSU has beaten Alabama recently in Baton Rouge was in 2010. Even then, LSU did not flat out dominate Alabama. They only won the game by the score of 24-21. It was an epic game last Saturday as Alabama won in Overtime by the score of twenty to thirteen.

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