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My favorite Drawing


My favorite drawing that I have done so far I this picture that I drew of my house with my dog playing in the front yard.  I drew this because before I went home this past weekend, I had been feeling pretty homesick.  My dog is a joy to play with.  I have had him since I was in the first grade.  He was a Christmas present that I received from my parents.  He is probably the greatest present I have ever gotten.  He is a loyal dog who has been with me through most of my life.  I love him with all of my heart and soul.  I would do anything for him.  I wept for hours on end when my parents told me last year that he had lost his eyesight completely.

I drew my house for the same reason that I drew my dog.  I was homesick and I wanted to draw what was on my mind. I love my house. My family and I moved there when I was in the First Grade. It was a mess when we moved in. The house needed a lot more more than my parents could have ever anticipated. It was not until the summer between my fifth grade and sixth grade year that all the construction work was completed. We had wallpaper to tear down, rooms to paint, hardwood floors to put down, take up carpet, put down new carpet, put in new cabinets, and new appliances. It was a lot of work that ended up being well worth the wait.

Our house turned out being absolutely beautiful. It might of taken a long time to complete, but I would not mind doing it all over again if I had to. This was an excellent time of my life. It was very interesting to me to watch my parents put all of their time and energy into making our house absolutely perfect.

It has been very interesting to me to have to draw both inside and outside of class. I have found this to be an extremely beneficial activity. I feel as though that this has helped my writing in a variety of ways. One way is that drawing has made me more creative. This has made me exercise a part of my brain that had never really received much work before.

I had grown up not really that interested in drawing. My family always bought me coloring books for for my birthday and for Christmas. However, I never really used them. I was the type of child that would rather of played video games and watched television than of drawn in coloring books. Drawing was never really my thing and up untill I took this class, I still never really saw any point in doing it. However, I now see the point of it. Drawing is very therapeutic. I find that when we draw in class, that it is a way to relieve the stress of all the work that college involves. I now believe that I will continue to draw even after I finish this class.

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