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The Kindest Subway Employee You Will Ever Meet


On the campus of Birmingham-Southern College, a building houses both the only restaurant to eat at besides the cafeteria and the only grocery store on campus. The only restaurant on campus is a Subway. Inside this establishment exists the crown jewel of all the employees on campus. This person is none other than Ms. Queenie Hawkins. Ms. Queenie, who is the Head Supervisor of all the employees at Subway, has been working at Birmingham-Southern for thirty-five years.

This is the place on campus where Ms. Queenie has worked for the last six years.

This is the place on campus where Ms. Queenie has worked for the last six years.

I started working at Birmingham-Southern in August of 1979. I started out as a Cashier and I eventually worked my way to where I am now,” stated Hawkins.

Hawkins continually asserted throughout the interview how it takes hard work if you want to get somewhere in this world. Ms. Queenie grew up in Greenville, Alabama and was born on April 1, 1956. She saw from an early age onward what exactly it would take get where she wanted to go in this world.

“My Dad was a Farmer. His main job was to help take care of the cattle that lived on the farm. My Mom was also a Housekeeper for the family’s farm that we lived on. She helped to take care of the house and all the duties that came associated with that responsibility,” asserted Hawkins.

Queenie observed from a young age how hard that she was going to have to work if she wanted to be able to provide for her family better than her parents had provided for her. Her parents motivated her with their work ethic and the sacrifices that they made for her and her siblings. She started working whenever she started High School. The jobs that she had were that she worked in a beauty salon and Pesquati’s Pizza in Greenville, AL. She worked in the beauty salon every day after school from twelve to three Monday through Friday. She worked at Pesquati’s Pizza on those same days from three to five on those same days. She also worked in the beauty salon from nine to five on Saturdays.

However, Ms. Queenie did not always envision herself being the Head Supervisor of Subway. She saw herself having a much different career path than what she currently has now.

“I grew up wanting to be an Airline Stewardess. I had a cousin that lived in Miami that was a Stewardess. I had always wanted to do this because I had always wanted to get to travel like she did and I loved the dress that she wore,” stated Ms. Queenie.

Being an Airline Stewardess is not the only dream for Hawkins that has gone by the wayside. Ms. Queenie has an elderly Mom whom she has a difficult time finding people to take care of her. Ms. Queenie has a dream to open an elderly care home when she eventually decides to retire from the Hilltop Dining Services. She wants to open an elderly care home for a variety of reasons, but one reason does stick out.

“I would like to open an elderly care home because my mom has been sick and it is really hard to get people to take care of them. All she really needs is for someone to sit with her, talk with her, and give her medications to her. Once I eventually retire from working at Birmingham-Southern, I would like to look into doing this,” asserted Ms. Queenie.

However, it will be a long time before Ms. Queenie’s smile leaves us for good. She does not plan to leave us until she reaches the retirement age. Ms. Queenie has learned many important lessons.

“While I have worked at Birmingham-Southern, I have learned many important lessons. This job has taught me a lot about patience and leadership”, emphasized Ms. Queenie.

Hawkins has had many life experiences that she is willing to talk about. Some of the life experiences involve living in Greenville during the Civil Rights movement. While it may not have been as nearly as big of a deal in Greenville as it was in Birmingham, it was still an interesting experience to go through. Every person has a set of defining moments in his or her lives. Queenie Hawkins has lived through a variety of different events that forever changed the course of American History throughout her lifetime. Some of these events include the Civil Rights movement, the Vietnam War, and September 11, 2001. These were the types of events that a person forever remembers where they were when they found out about them.

She is like an onion that needs to be peeled back one layer at a time. All that a person needs to do is to take the time to ask. When she decides to finally hang up her apron and leave, Birmingham-Southern will have a difficult time finding someone to fill her shoes.

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