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Whats Wrong With Cooperstown and Why Mark McGwire Deserves To Be a Member of the Baseball Hall of Fame


As Induction Weekend is upon us, I just wanted to reveal the hypocrisy that has come to exist in the Baseball Hall of Fame.  I think that its wrong for Tony La Russa to be honored this weekend for his achievements and for Cooperstown to completely not acknowledge the man who helped Tony La Russa become as famous as he is.  The man I am talking about Mark McGwire.  If the Hall of Fame wants to honor a manager who saw a lot of his success come from a man who is a known Steroid user, then I think McGwire deserves to become a member of the greatest Fraternity in all of Baseball.  In my opinion, all of the Baseball Purists out there need to embrace the Steroid use that has plagued baseball and need to stop trying to sweep the issue under the rug.  Its just doesn’t make any sense to me how one can be praised while the other is treated like he never even existed.  

However, I completely understand where the Baseball Purists are coming from.  Their point of view is that they think that the Steroid Era is a Black Eye on the game and should never be acknowledged.  If this is the way that they feel, then they need to take all of the records away from every known steroid user.  

While I will never claim to be a fan of either McGwire or La Russa, I think that Cooperstown needs to do the right thing and either acknowledge both or neither and not one or the other.  If the purpose of Cooperstown is to recognize and honor the history of America’s Pastime, then the Steroid Era needs to be acknowledged in some way or form.  I also think that Barry Bonds and Pete Rose also need to be inducted into Cooperstown.  The reason is because eventually people will forget about the mistakes that were made and history will eventually come to repeat itself.  The whole reason why we have to learn about history in school is so we don’t make the same mistakes that our ancestors made.  If the issue is thought about this way then it makes perfect sense why all the known steroid users should be put into the Hall of Fame. 


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