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First Four Day 2


Last night we were treated to some phenomenal basketball.  Both games went pretty much how I expected them to go.  Albany got their first ever tournament win last night.  Since they won, we live to see what everyone else is calling ugly uniforms for another couple of days.  North Carolina St. continues to prove to the world that they do indeed belong in the tournament.  Tonight we will see much of the same type of action.  The second night starts with a battle of #16 seeds with the Cal Poly Mustangs playing the Texas Southern Tigers.  Our second game matches a pair of #11 seeds with the Iowa Hawkeyes vs. the Tennessee Volunteers.  I expect both games to be just as much if not more competitive than the action we saw last night.


#16 Cal Poly Mustangs vs. #16 Texas Southern Tigers 5:40 p.m. cst

I think that this will be just as highly competitive of a game as what we saw in the early game last night.  No one thought that either team would be here coming into their respective conference tournaments last week.  Texas Southern finished 3rd in the SWAC and Cal Poly finished 6th in the Big West.  Both teams are ecstatic to be here in the Big Dance.  Both believe that they each have the potential to beat Wichita St. and make history.  Statistically, one would give the edge to Texas Southern as they dominate the Mustangs in every category possible.  However, I believe that one cannot make a prediction based on stats alone.  You also need to take into consideration a team’s heart.  Cal Poly showed a lot of heart last week in the Big West tournament.  A lot of teams would have just folded on their season with having a losing record, but Cal Poly didn’t.  They continued to fight and grind their way towards an automatic bid by winning their conference tournament.  If they continue to show the same amount of heart and toughness that I have seen over the last week, then I think that they can come out on top tonight.


Prediction: I think that this will be a close game just like we saw last night.  I think that Cal Poly will eventually start to pull away and advance to take on undefeated Wichita St. on Friday  I think that Cal Poly will win this game by the score of 65-57.


#11 Iowa Hawkeyes vs. #11 Tennessee Volunteers

This is another game that has a very intriguing matchup.  The Vols finished 4th in the SEC and the Hawkeyes finished 6th in the Big Ten.  Statistically speaking Iowa seems to have edge in every category.  The average over 80 ppg compared to just a little over 70 ppg for the Vols.  Both teams have about the same field goal percentage as they both shoot well over 40% from the field.  Most people will probably be favoring the Vols in this one because before they lost to Florida in the semi-finals of the SEC Tournament, they had previously won five games in a row. 


Prediction: I believe that the Hawkeyes will win simply because they will possess an intangible that it takes to win.  This intangible is that their head coach’s son had surgery earlier today.  The team will rally around their coach’s son and win the game tonight.  I think that the game will be competitive.  However, I think that Iowa will eventually pull away and win this game by the score of 82-71


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