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Super Bowl XLVIII Preview


Today is the day that we all have been waiting for.  It’s Super Bowl Sunday.  We have been waiting all football season for this day and it’s finally here.  I know that all of y’all are sick of all the analyzing and dissecting of this game from every conceivable angle that has been going on for the last two weeks.  However, please humor me and allow me to give my last-minute analysis.  

Keys To The Game

1. Denver Broncos’ Offense vs Seattle Seahawks’ Defense

              This was pegged as the featured story line going into the game.  Both are ranked number one in the NFL in their respective categories.  However, the question has been for the last two weeks as to which one would give.  One has to give, because the Super Bowl can’t end in a tie.  If Peyton Manning wins this game, I believe that this will cement his legacy is the greatest quarterback in NFL history.

2. The Weather

            This has been billed as the main story since it was announced that New York and New Jersey would host the Super Bowl.  However, it looks like that the weather will end up being a non-factor in this game.  The NFL has lucked out in this one, because the area is forecasted to get about seven inches of snow tonight.  I personally had wanted to see some snow during the game, because football is meant to be played in the snow.  However, it looks like it’s going to be beautiful weather for both the fans and the players.

3. Special Teams

         I personally believe that this game will come down to special teams.  I believe that a kick will be made or missed to win the game.  I think that it would be poetic if the game were to end this way since Rodger Godel has talked about eliminating the extra point.  If the game comes down to special teams, then I believe that will validate the need to keep extra points around.  This game could not only come down to a field goal.  I believe that this game could also come down to a kickoff or a punt being returned for a touchdown.



       I believe that this game will not only live up to the hype, but it will exceed expectations.  This will be a great game.  Its Old School vs. New School.  I believe that Peyton Manning will come out on top.  I believe that if he wins tonight, then his legacy will be permanently cemented as the greatest Quarterback in NFL history.  I believe that this game will come down to special teams.  I think that the Broncos will win this game on a 40+ yard Field Goal as time expires to win the game 27-24.  



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