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Sports Update on 7/20/11


We have had a very interesting summer sports wise. We have the NFL lockout looming, which I do not think will end any time soon. There are simply too many issues for this to get resolved by tomorrow. The revenue sharing and the rookie wage scale look to be the issues that will prolong a deal from getting done. In other news we now officially have a lockout in the NBA. I do not see us having a season in the NBA nextyear, as there are just too many teams loosing money for there to beable to agree on anything by october. I firmly enjoyed watching the Home Run Derby and the allstar game last weekend. I was happy to see Adrian Gonzalez win the Homerun Derby and The N.L. win the allstar game. Prince Fielder played an amazing game and completely deserved the MVP award As a side note, I would like to congradulate the Dallas Mavericks, Boston Bruins, and the University of South Carolina Baseball Program for winning titles in there respective leagues. Stay tuned for more updates on the NFL and NBA lockouts. I will also post any big name deals getting done on the MLB tradedeadline. Thank You for reading and would deeply appreicate any coments/suggestions for future blog entries, J.B.

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