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Mavs Tie NBA Finals 2-2


Last night’s Game 4 with the Heat vs. Mavs was the greatest NBA Finals game I have seen in a long time.  The Mavs were on a mission from the getgo.  It was obvious with how they hustled to the ball and got on the boards.  I hope to see the intensity in the rest of the series.  It was an exciteing game that came down to the final shot, much like in game 3.

This is the type of game that makes the Finals the Finals.  I normally do not even watch the Finals, but this caught my interest with it not having a traditional matchup.  In order to win Game 5, the Mavs need Dirk to be healthy and 100%.  He has been the key to their success all year.  I do not think the Mavs would have won, had it not been for the rest of the team stepping up their game.

Keys to game 5 for the Mavs:

1. Dirk being healthy

2.Jason Terry continueing to be on fire

3. Tyson Chandler continuing to crash the boards and be aggressive.

Keys to game 5 for the Heat:

1. Lebron actually being involved in the game.

2.Getting to the line more offten.

3. Getting better play from the bench.

Look for the next entry after Game 5.  Thanks for reading, J.B. McCracken


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  1. offthebackboard permalink

    That loss was mostly on Lebron – he needs to actually be a superstar and not a role player.

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